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Woodstock, ON (Nearby: Innerkip, Beachville, Hickson, Burgessville, Zenda)

433 Norwich Ave.
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 3W4

Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 32,347. In Blandford and East Oxford Ts., Oxford C., on the Thames R. at Cedar Cr. and C. Rds. 2, 9 & 59, 2 km. W of Hwys 401 & 403, 43 km. NE of London.
  • Rear Admiral Henry Vansittart is considered to be the founder of Woodstock, although most of the work was done by his agent, Capt. Andrew Drew.
  • During the 1837 Rebellion, Drew commanded the Canadian force that destroyed the American steamer Caroline.
  • Drew went to the area in 1832 and on Vansittart's behalf bought a tract ofland in what is now the east side of the city, surveyed it into lots, and built houses for himself and Vansittart.
  • The west side of what is now Woodstock had already been laid out as a town plot by Lt.-Gov. John Graves Simcoe.
  • The place was first known as Town Plot; later, one half was called Oxford and the other, Brighton.
  • Vansittart arrived in 1834, built a store and a tavern, and fmanced the construction of St. Paul's Church, which was consecrated in 1838 and is still in use.
  • The post office opened in 1835, and was called Woodstock after a village in Oxfordshire, England. Woodstock town hall, built in 1852, is now home of the Oxford County Museum.
  • A plaque at his former home on Vansittart A venue recalls Thomas 'Carbide' Willson who in 1892 discovered a process for producing calcium carbide, a chemical compound used in the manufacture of acetylene gas.

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City of Woodstock (Lower Tier Oxford), Phone : (519) 537-3131

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