Wallacetown Fair (Wallacetown Agricultural Society)

Phone : (519) 762-2737
Phone : (519) 777-1582
Fax : (519) 637-8321
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page : www.wallacetownfair.com

Wallacetown, ON (Nearby: Dutton, Iona Station, West Lorne, Shedden, Fingal)

  • Barn Dance - June 28th at the Fairgrounds

24 Argyle St.,
Wallacetown, Ontario
N0L 2M0

Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Licensed snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc.

Description From Owner:
  • The Wallacetown Fair is celebrating it's 154th year of fun.
  • Dates are September 26, 27 and 28th, 2014.
  • Friday night line up is Guiness World Book of Records attempt of Most People Performing a Duck Call.
  • Also on Friday night is the Ambassador Contest and Let's Make a Deal Wallacetown Style. Win money and prizes. Come dressed up if you want to play!
  • Saturday we have Dotsy the Clown, The Ultimutts, Mike D'Urzo ( International Award Winning Magician) Chainsaw Wood Carvers, Baby Show, Beef Cattle Shows, Midway, Parade, The Redneck Chef Terry Tew, Cooking with John and many more.
  • Saturday Night has the ever popular Tractor Pull - starts at 7 pm and Wallacetown's Got Talent. Call Anna Tokarz at 519-762-2617 to register.
  • Sunday we have Multi Canadian and American Fiddler Champion Shane Cook and the Demolition Derby. Sheep Show starts at 9 am in the 4-H Barn. Midway has special advance ticket sales to save you money. Click on the website for further info.

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/wallacetownfair

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Wallacetown Fair (Wallacetown Agricultural Society), Phone : (519) 762-2737

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