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Stirling, ON (Nearby: Springbrook, Madoc, Foxboro, Marmora, Frankford)

  • Fruit Basket - with vine handle, each one is unique and handles are handcrafted from grape/cudzo vines. prices start @ $20.00
  • Fruit Basket - with vine handle, each one is unique and handles are handcrafted from grape/cudzo vines. prices start @ $20.00
  • Pet Bowls - personalized with your pets name prices available on request
  • Dog Bowls - personalized with your pets name prices available on request

643 Sarles Rd.
Stirling, Ontario
K0K 3E0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups

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Business Hours:
  • By chance or appointment - i do suggest, and generally prefer, if you call or email me in advance.

Description From Owner:
  • Operating from an old farm house in Stirling-Rawdon, since 2004, Whispered Secret Pottery Studio produces wheel thrown functional stoneware.
  • Alecia Bye specializes in an old English underglaze decorating technique known as 'Mocha'.
  • Mochaware was originally produced in England and Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries but it seemed to end about 1910.
  • The oldest known piece of mocha pottery can be found in England and is dated 1799.
  • I love making custom pet dishes with names and birthdates... they make great keepsakes.
  • ALL OF MY POTTERY IS OVEN, DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE (except items made with black clay as its high iron content make it unsuitable for the microwave).

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/whisperedsecret

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Erin Comer on 18-Aug-20
You are sooo very artistic... I love what you do...

Ed on 11-May-13
Very nice work on the cups, i like them a lot, thanks :)

Sarah Stavroff on 05-Jul-12
The Whispered Secret By Sarah Stavroff January 9th 2012 It was with anticipation that we set out on a bright crisp November morning. The sun rays bouncing on the Trent River made the day idyllic. Our destination was Sarles Road north of Stirling. Everything is an adventure to us as we are fairly new to the area. Having a weekend home that needs lots of renovations we had not yet covered this area. Now residing here full time we love to explore. At the Presquile Christmas craft show we purchased a unique piece of pottery. Later that month we had the good fortune of meeting the artist’s at the Batawa Ski Hill Craftfusion show. Alecia Bye and her sister Shirley Wilson have finessed the art of Mocha design on their pottery. It is hand thrown, non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe. “Mocha” ware was produced in Scotland and England during the 18th and 19th century and disappeared around 1910. The oldest known pieces of “Mocha” pottery can be found in England and dates as far back as 1799. Little documentation existed that described the actual process of “Mocha” decorating. Shirley’s determination to uncover the secret finally paid off after exhaustive experimenting and many hours of trial and error. She managed to reproduce the ancient patterns of “tree-like” designs found in Arabic quartz known as mocha stone. The journey to the studio is as picturesque as you would expect in this in this part of the world. The countryside as you leave Stirling is open and green and makes you exhale in contentment. As we looked back through the mirror the undulating hills filled the view making us realize the mere beauty of the area. As we turned on to Sine Road we spotted the studio. Their home is a beautiful old red brick farmhouse with a wonderful big porch. Coming up the driveway the site before us was everything a country home should be. As we approached the front door we passed three polka dotted Polish hens chattering amongst themselves and a rooster named Free Bird doing his own thing. The porch was filled with bird feeders at different heights overflowing with seeds and well fed birds pecking away. Opening the door to the studio fulfilled our senses with a calmness and visual cornucopia. We were greeted by Alecia in her warm, friendly and down to earth manner. Around her feet was Reg her rescued Jack Russell terrier so excited to meet new people and one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met. As you get to know Alecia it becomes apparent how deeply her love of the clay is. Her sister Shirley’s gift to her of decorating and glazing is truly apparent and can be seen in her enthusiasm and dedication to her work. Our eyes scanned the studio shelves perusing the vast amount of colours and shapes. The room is decorated in soft creams and beiges and the beautiful large wooden planks on the floor create a warmth of the country in the sunlight room. The mocha pieces of pottery are hand designed using the special secret recipe and is a magical process to witness. Alecia demonstrated the technique in her workshop that morning and it was an amazing transformation on the clay. The Whispered Secret Pottery Studio takes me back to my childhood in Scotland. Many potters had studion in their own homes and out buildings. Nothing could hide the fact that they were hard working dedicated artists who took great pride in their work. There is an honesty and pureness of working the clay into a beautiful piece to be owned or gifted to someone you love or deeply care about. You know that every piece that is created in this studio has been made with respect to an age old tradition and process. I was drawn to that first piece of pottery from Whispered Secret and now I know why. To visit the studio call Alecia at 614- 395-2147 or email her at ajbye2@hotmail.com

Donna Craigen on 05-Jan-11
I LOVE your pottery and I can't wait to purchase more pieces. They are so different from anything I have collected and I'm so glad to have found your website. Thanks again.

wayne maxwell on 28-Jun-10
your pottery rocks. coolest stuff. is each piece unique. keep up the good work. good luck. thanks agian for the pottery. my aunt will love it

Judy on 11-Oct-09
I have purchased a customized fruit bowl from her a few years ago and am now awaiting a matching gravy bowl. Definitely in my opinion withstands the test of time, With three kids and a curious cat my fruit bowl still looks as beautiful as the day i bought it! Slowly but surely will be purchasing other matching pieces till my collection is complete.

Bretta on 07-Oct-09
I have given Alecia and Shirleys's pottery as wedding/shower gift numerous times over the years. They are original, unique and they are often the 'favorite' among gifts! I also have several pieces myself and LOVE them. They are durable, useful and gorgeous. Couple favs are the spoon holder/rest and personalize dog bowls...love them!

  • BLUE MOCHA Vine Handled Basket
  • Dip Bowls with small paddle

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