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Township of North Algona Wilberforce (Lower Tier Renfrew)

Phone : (613) 628-2080
Fax : (613) 628-3341
Outside Web Page :

Eganville, ON (Nearby: Golden Lake, Douglas, Pembroke, Cobden, Beachburg)

1091 Shaw Woods Road, R. R. #1,
Eganville, Ontario
K0J 1T0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

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Natural Resources Canada in Renfrew County.

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Township of North Algona Wilberforce (Lower Tier Renfrew), Phone : (613) 628-2080

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Off the beaten track:
  • Lake Doré, 2km
  • Letts Corners, 6km
  • Allans Corners, 6km
  • Green Lake, 6km
  • Micksburg, 6km
  • Rankin, Pembroke area, 7km
  • Bulgers Corners, 6km
  • Slabtown, Pembroke area, 8km
  • Huckabones Corners, 9km
  • Mink Lake, Eganville area, 8km
  • Connaught, Timmins area, 6km
  • Germanicus, 7km
  • Lower Stafford, 9km
  • Kellys Corner, 10km
  • Mud Lake, 10km
  • French Settlement, 13km
  • Locksley, 12km
  • Pine Valley, 10km
  • Woito, 11km
  • Wolftown, 11km
  • Stonebrook, 15km
  • Donegal, Renfrew area, 14km
  • Osceola, 11km
  • Shady Nook, 15km
  • Augsburg, 13km
  • Fourth Chute, 14km
  • Meath, 14km
  • McGrath, 16km
  • Kathmae Siding, 15km
  • Doré Bay, 12km
  • Snake River, 13km
  • Greenwood, 17km
  • Government Road, 17km
  • Shields Crossing, 13km
  • Finchley, 17km
  • Fairview, Pembroke area, 18km
  • Hyndford, 17km
  • Budd Mills, 13km
  • Davis Mills, 17km
  • Perrault, 20km
  • Cotnam Island, 20km
  • Pembroke Junction, 20km
  • Perretton, 18km
  • Pleasant View, 21km
  • Hampelsfield, 21km
  • Cedar Beach, Pembroke area, 22km
  • Brumsfield, 22km
  • Hamiltonsfield, 22km
  • Douglas, 19km
  • Zadow, 18km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Shaws Pond, 2km
  • Lake Dore, 3km
  • Mink Lake, 7km
  • Green Lake, 7km
  • Wilber Lake, 10km
  • Millers Lake, 10km
  • Mud Lake, 13km
  • Meath Lake, 14km
  • Petznick Lake, 14km
  • Quades Lake, 13km
  • Johns Lake, 13km
  • Brock Lake, 18km
  • Partridge Lake, 14km
  • Perrault Lake, 20km
  • Muskrat Lake, 15km
  • Grabers Lake, 14km
  • Big Swawell Lake, 16km
  • Little Swawell Lake, 16km
  • Bullfrog Pond, 15km
  • Little Johns Lake, 15km
  • Edward Lake, 17km
  • Meadow Lake, 21km
  • Stevens Lake, 19km
  • Little Lake Clear, 20km
  • Lower Allumette Lake, 20km
  • Long Lake, 17km
  • Lake Clear, 22km
  • Crooked Lake, 18km
  • Silver Lake, 19km
  • Red Rock Lake, 18km
  • Dellaires Lake, 24km
  • Mosie Lake, 24km
  • Hermitage Lake, 21km
  • Mud Lake, 24km
  • Michigan Lakes, 18km
  • Roche Lake, 21km
  • Jonsons Lake, 18km
  • Rileys Lake, 26km
  • Rattrays Lake, 19km
  • Constant Lake, 26km
  • Rock Lake, 20km
  • Allumette Lake, 27km
  • Gibsons Lake, 19km
  • Duffys Lake, 27km
  • Golden Lake, 20km
  • Astrolabe Lake, 19km
  • Connor Lake, 28km
  • Little Lakes, 21km
  • Teapot Lake, 20km
  • McDonoughs Lake, 28km