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Township of North Dundas (Lower Tier Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry)

Phone : (613) 774-2105
Fax : (613) 774-5699
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Winchester, ON (Nearby: Inkerman, Winchester Springs, Marionville, Morewood, Chesterville)

636 St. Lawrence Street
Winchester, Ontario
K0C 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

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Natural Resources Canada in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County.

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Township of North Dundas (Lower Tier Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry), Phone : (613) 774-2105

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Off the beaten track:
  • Annable Settlement, 2km
  • Melvin Settlement, 5km
  • Mulloys, 4km
  • Cass Bridge, 5km
  • Cloverdale, 5km
  • Maple Ridge, Winchester area, 5km
  • The Boyne, 6km
  • Ormond, 7km
  • Nation Valley, 6km
  • Vinegar Hill, Kemptville area, 8km
  • Winchester Springs, 8km
  • Harmony, Winchester area, 8km
  • Oak Valley, 10km
  • Rosehaven, 9km
  • Toyes Hill, 12km
  • Forward, 8km
  • Baldwins Bridge, 11km
  • The Ninth, 10km
  • VanCamp, 9km
  • Bethune Bush, 9km
  • Felton, 13km
  • Hulbert, 13km
  • The Sixth, 12km
  • Marvelville, 14km
  • Straders Hill, 14km
  • Dunbar, 11km
  • Vernon, 12km
  • North Winchester, 13km
  • South Mountain, 14km
  • Elma, 13km
  • Belmeade, 12km
  • Connaught, Chesterville area, 12km
  • Cannamore, 15km
  • Orchardside, 12km
  • Dundela, 17km
  • Spring Hill, 15km
  • Williamsburg, Morrisburg area, 16km
  • Forget, 17km
  • Pleasant Valley, Kemptville area, 16km
  • Russell, 18km
  • Hallville, 13km
  • Dixons Corners, 19km
  • Boucks Hill, 16km
  • Limerick, 13km
  • Cahore, 16km
  • Beckstead, 15km
  • St-Onge, 20km
  • Dalmeny, 15km
  • Glen Stewart, 21km
  • Hainsville, 21km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Lake St. Lawrence, 32km
  • Lac Deschenes, 47km
  • Brewer Park Pond, 42km
  • Lissons Lake, 39km
  • Dows Lake, 43km
  • Sand Pits Lake, 47km
  • McKay Lake, 47km
  • Mud Lake, 47km
  • Cranberry Lake, 49km
  • Buells Creek Reservoir, 60km
  • Atkins Lake, 55km
  • Lambs Pond, 60km
  • Lac Georges, 64km
  • North Mud Lake, 52km
  • Mud Lake, 62km
  • Black Lake, 56km
  • Mud Pond, 57km
  • Loch Garry, 54km
  • South Mud Lake, 54km
  • Lees Pond, 67km
  • Irish Lake, 61km
  • Centre Lake, 67km
  • Constance Lake, 61km
  • Mud Lake, 59km
  • Middle Lake, 58km
  • Temperance Lake, 69km
  • Mud Lake, 68km
  • Graham Lake, 71km
  • Mill Pond, 61km
  • Lake Eloida, 67km
  • Bacchus Mud Lake, 61km
  • Casey Lake, 64km
  • Dunbar Lake, 66km
  • Wiltse Lake, 72km
  • Bellamys Lake, 68km
  • Lower Rideau Lake, 65km
  • Otter Lake, 70km
  • Mississippi Lake, 65km
  • Bass Lake, 69km
  • Mud Lake, 81km
  • Lake St. Francis, 67km
  • Basin Lake, 82km
  • Charleston Lake, 81km
  • Green Lake, 80km
  • Upper Beverley Lake, 78km
  • Canton Lake, 73km
  • Bass Lake, 81km
  • Mill Pond, 75km
  • Little Lake, 76km
  • Bowley Lake, 71km