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Township of Mattawan (Single Tier Nipissing)

Phone : (705) 744-5680
Fax : (705) 744-4141
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Mattawa, ON (Nearby: Rutherglen, Deux Rivieres, Quirke Lake, Bonfield, Thorne)

PO Box 610, Mattawa
Mattawa, Ontario
P0H 1V0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • The township has no named communities within its boundaries; all addresses within the township are rural routes assigned to the neighbouring town of Mattawa.

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Natural Resources Canada in Nipissing District.

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Township of Mattawan (Single Tier Nipissing), Phone : (705) 744-5680

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Off the beaten track:
  • Morel, 8km
  • Wilson's Landing, 12km
  • Rankin, Mattawa area, 10km
  • Smith's Landing, 14km
  • Eau Claire, 16km
  • Eau Claire Station, 17km
  • Klock, 17km
  • Daventry, 28km
  • Ascalon, 28km
  • Mink Lake, Algonquin Park area, 29km
  • Kiosk, 28km
  • Coristine, 28km
  • Hodgson, 24km
  • Government Park, 32km
  • Blanchard's Landing, 25km
  • Rutherglen, 26km
  • Great Desert, 27km
  • Brent, 36km
  • Kilrush, 35km
  • Acanthus, 39km
  • Songis, 37km
  • Fossmill, 42km
  • Aylen, 39km
  • Balsam Creek, 40km
  • Nosbonsing, 39km
  • Eldee, 47km
  • Wasing, 43km
  • Odenback, 47km
  • Chiswick, 42km
  • Booth Landing, 42km
  • Radiant, 49km
  • Thorne, 53km
  • Redbridge, 43km
  • Wyse, 55km
  • Camp Champlain, 45km
  • Alderdale, 49km
  • Grahamvale, 48km
  • Feronia, 47km
  • Hills Siding, 50km
  • Booth, 49km
  • Derland, 50km
  • Thorncliff, North Bay area, 51km
  • Mulock, North Bay area, 53km
  • Powassan, 56km
  • Trout Mills, 53km
  • Nipissing Junction, 53km
  • Adelard, 54km
  • Birch Haven, 54km
  • Sage, 54km
  • Champlain Park, North Bay area, 55km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Boom Lake, 2km
  • East Montreuil Lake, 4km
  • Duck Lake, 4km
  • Earl's Lake, 4km
  • Chant Plain Lake, 5km
  • Taggart Lake, 6km
  • Landis Lake, 10km
  • Little Pautois Lake, 12km
  • Papineau Lake, 15km
  • Little Sturgeon Lake, 15km
  • Perch Lake, 14km
  • Long Lake, 11km
  • Scooper Lakes, 14km
  • Smith's Lake, 15km
  • Richard Lake, 17km
  • Fork Lake, 18km
  • Pieurot Lake, 15km
  • Sears Lake, 18km
  • Lalonde Lake, 16km
  • Moore Lake, 13km
  • Red Pine Lake, 16km
  • Jennette Lake, 16km
  • Kearney Lake, 14km
  • Little Kearney Lake, 14km
  • Little Crookstick Lake, 18km
  • Crookstick Lake, 18km
  • Gem Lake, 14km
  • Little Thompson Lake, 20km
  • South Long Lake, 20km
  • Upper Boom Lake, 18km
  • West Aumond Lake, 17km
  • Thompson Lake, 20km
  • Bronson Lake, 19km
  • Dumond Lake, 21km
  • Pacaud Lake, 15km
  • Weeharry Lake, 19km
  • Burbot Lake, 16km
  • East Thompson Lake, 17km
  • Bangs Lake, 17km
  • Little Villeneuve Lake, 21km
  • Crooked Chute Lake, 16km
  • Brain Lake, 23km
  • Purdy Lake, 16km
  • Bouillon Lake, 16km
  • Wildgoose Lake, 22km
  • Stretch Lake, 23km
  • Ducharme Lake, 19km
  • Widgeon Lake, 23km
  • Rainy Lake, 21km
  • Hartshorn Lake, 19km