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United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton,Havelock, Eyre and Clyde (Lower Tier Haliburton)

Phone : (705) 457-1740
Fax : (705) 457-1964
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Haliburton, ON (Nearby: Eagle Lake, West Guilford, Lochlin, Fort Irwin, Irondale)

135 Maple Avenue, PO Box 389,
Haliburton, Ontario
K0M 1S0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

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Natural Resources Canada in Haliburton County.

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United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton,Havelock, Eyre and Clyde (Lower Tier Haliburton), Phone : (705) 457-1740

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Off the beaten track:
  • Goulds, 4km
  • Donald, 8km
  • West Guilford, 10km
  • Harburn, 11km
  • Allsaw, 11km
  • Ingoldsby, 14km
  • Blairhampton, 12km
  • Maple Lake, 13km
  • Ursa, 15km
  • Maxwells, Kinmount area, 19km
  • Gelert, 19km
  • Horseshoe Lake, Minden area, 16km
  • Kennisis Lake, 21km
  • Essonville, 17km
  • Fortescue, 24km
  • Dutch Line, 23km
  • Little Hawk Lake, 19km
  • Furnace Falls, 25km
  • Peterson Corner, 19km
  • Buttermilk Falls, 19km
  • Tory Hill, 20km
  • Hotspur, 21km
  • Boskung, 20km
  • Ewan, 28km
  • Halls Lake, 21km
  • Howland, 29km
  • Wilberforce, 22km
  • Hindon Hill, 22km
  • Mount Irwin, 32km
  • South Wilberforce, 23km
  • Pusey, 23km
  • Lutterworth, 26km
  • Kilcoo Camp, 29km
  • Brady Lake, 25km
  • Ironsides, 26km
  • Rackety, 30km
  • Pine Springs, 28km
  • Miners Bay, 32km
  • Union Creek, 37km
  • Deep Bay, 32km
  • Buller, Kinmount, 34km
  • Catchacoma, 37km
  • Watsons, 37km
  • Kennaway, 30km
  • Galena Hill, 40km
  • Russell Landing, 34km
  • Cheddar, 30km
  • Moore Falls, 36km
  • Mississagua Landing, 41km
  • Dongola, 39km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Head Lake, 1km
  • Grass Lake, 2km
  • Barnum Lake, 3km
  • Amaleen Lake, 4km
  • Little Haas Lake, 4km
  • Spruce Lake, 5km
  • Little Art Lake, 6km
  • Bushwolf Lake, 7km
  • Haas Lake, 6km
  • Blue Hawk Lake, 7km
  • Koshlong Lake, 9km
  • Basshaunt Lake, 9km
  • Little Soyers Lake, 7km
  • Eagle Lake, 10km
  • Cranberry Lake, 9km
  • Lochlin Lake, 10km
  • Black Lake, 7km
  • Hurricane Lake, 8km
  • Pockett Lake, 10km
  • Kashagawigamog Lake, 9km
  • West Lake, 10km
  • Drag Lake, 8km
  • Soyers Lake, 8km
  • Pine Lake, 10km
  • South Portage Lake, 9km
  • Coleman Lake, 12km
  • Moose Lake, 12km
  • Pivot Lake, 12km
  • Silverlynn Lake, 12km
  • Minnicock Lake, 10km
  • Stormy Lake, 11km
  • Bark Lake, 13km
  • Portage Lake, 10km
  • Green Lake, 11km
  • Michabo Lake, 13km
  • Guilford Lake, 15km
  • Two Islands Lake, 11km
  • Tedious Lake, 14km
  • Loon Lake, 11km
  • Ritchey Lake, 12km
  • Redstone Lake, 15km
  • Bitter Lake, 15km
  • Miserable Lake, 15km
  • Long Lake, 11km
  • Duck Lake, 12km
  • Burdock Lake, 15km
  • Oblong Lake, 16km
  • Wildgoose Lake, 15km
  • Moore Lake, 13km
  • Little Glamor Lake, 14km