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Township of Muskoka Lakes (Lower Tier Muskoka)

Phone : (705) 765-3156
Fax : (705) 765-6755
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Port Carling, ON (Nearby: Port Sandfield, Windermere, Minett, Beaumaris, Bala)

1 Bailey St., P.O. Box 129
Port Carling, Ontario
P0B 1J0

Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Muskoka.

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Township of Muskoka Lakes (Lower Tier Muskoka), Phone : (705) 765-3156

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Off the beaten track:
  • Ferndale, Bracebridge area, 2km
  • Port Sandfield, 3km
  • Windermere, 6km
  • Whiteside, 6km
  • Glen Orchard, 5km
  • Brackenrig, 5km
  • Thorel House, 6km
  • Rossclair, 7km
  • Morinus, 7km
  • Rostrevor, 8km
  • Woodington, 6km
  • Gregory, 6km
  • Mortimers Point, 8km
  • Dudley, 9km
  • Juddhaven, 9km
  • Dee Bank, 8km
  • Redwood, Bala area, 7km
  • Valley Green Beach, 8km
  • Medora, 9km
  • Bala Road, 10km
  • Gull Rock, 11km
  • Park Beach, 11km
  • Bent River, 11km
  • Bala Park, 12km
  • Ufford, 9km
  • Rosseau Falls, 13km
  • Inverness Lodge, 10km
  • Sunset Beach, Bracebridge area, 10km
  • Roderick, 11km
  • Torrance, 14km
  • Ullswater, 12km
  • Barlochan, 12km
  • Duffy, Gravenhurst area, 11km
  • Echo Beach, 13km
  • Rosseau, 16km
  • Bardsville, 12km
  • Foot's Bay, 13km
  • Walkers Point, 15km
  • Darling, 18km
  • Stanley House, 15km
  • Willow Beach, Bracebridge area, 14km
  • Hekkla, 19km
  • Raymond, 15km
  • Glen Echo, 18km
  • Bear Cave, 22km
  • Woodward, 21km
  • Ziska, 16km
  • Shannon Hall, 22km
  • Sahanatien, 19km
  • Lake Joseph, 17km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Thompson Lake, 1km
  • Marion Lake, 1km
  • Mirror Lake, 2km
  • Silver Lake, 2km
  • Henshaw Lake, 2km
  • Butterfly Lake, 5km
  • Lake Rosseau, 6km
  • Brandy Lake, 5km
  • Ada Lake, 5km
  • Clark Pond, 7km
  • The Kettles, 8km
  • McCaffery Lake, 7km
  • Water Lily Lake, 9km
  • Annie Lake, 7km
  • Eaton Lake, 9km
  • Medora Lake, 8km
  • Bruce Lake, 9km
  • Young Lake, 10km
  • Barrett Lake, 10km
  • Bogart Lake, 10km
  • Concession Lake, 8km
  • Cowan Lake, 8km
  • St. Germaine Lake, 8km
  • Spiers Lake, 10km
  • Wileys Lake, 11km
  • Stevenson Lake, 9km
  • Speiran Lake, 9km
  • Mary Jane Lake, 10km
  • Pickering Lake, 11km
  • Bunn Lake, 11km
  • Bass Lake, 9km
  • Bear Lake, 13km
  • Dyson Lake, 12km
  • Leech Lake, 13km
  • Lily Lake, 13km
  • Hesners Lake, 12km
  • Dark Lake, 13km
  • Bruce Pond, 13km
  • Black Lake, 13km
  • Wier Lake, 13km
  • Long Lake, 13km
  • Round Lake, 13km
  • Hardy Lake, 13km
  • Gerow Lake, 12km
  • Rileys Lake, 10km
  • Beaton Lake, 14km
  • Lake Muskoka, 11km
  • Duffy Lakes, 11km
  • Gaskell's Lake, 13km
  • Pennsylvania Lake, 14km