Township of Southgate (Lower Tier Grey)

Toll Free Phone : (888) 560-6607
Phone : (519) 923-2110
Fax : (519) 923-9262
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Dundalk, ON (Nearby: Proton Station, Maxwell, Badjeros, Feversham, Flesherton)

185667 Grey Road 9, RR#1
Dundalk, Ontario
N0C 1B0

Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

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Township of Southgate (Lower Tier Grey), Toll Free Phone : (888) 560-6607

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Vera Lloyd on 23-Feb-11
I have read the Flesherton paper the last couple of weeks and seen that you are having an issue with one person concerning recreational vehicles in your township. I know that you passed a bylaw some years ago and that is great. With a club in the area designing trails that tourism welcomes into Ontario. We work with problems like this and try to solve them before getting out of hand. If we can be assistance to this problem please contact us at

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