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Township of Chapleau (Single Tier Sudbury)

Phone : (705) 864-1330
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Chapleau, ON (Nearby: Kormak, Sultan, Missanabie, Foleyet, Ramsey)

20 Pine Street, P. O. Box 129
Chapleau, Ontario
P0M 1K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Sudbury.

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Township of Chapleau (Single Tier Sudbury), Phone : (705) 864-1330

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Off the beaten track:
  • Devon, 9km
  • Esher, 12km
  • Island Lake, Chapleau area, 21km
  • Pardee, Chapleau area, 17km
  • Nemegos, 20km
  • Musk, 25km
  • Tophet, 29km
  • Nicholson, 30km
  • Pineal Lake, 40km
  • Kinogama, 36km
  • Wayland, 37km
  • Bolkow, 48km
  • Sultan, 56km
  • Dalton, 58km
  • Renabie, 69km
  • Dalton Mills, 59km
  • Peterbell, 84km
  • Carry, 65km
  • Dunrankin, 84km
  • Agate, 82km
  • Elsas, 84km
  • Woman River, 69km
  • Argolis, 94km
  • Oatland, 83km
  • Missonga, 80km
  • Gutelius, 82km
  • Fire River, 104km
  • Ranger Lake, 109km
  • Shawmere, 85km
  • Lochalsh, Wawa area, 86km
  • Pangis, 96km
  • Mekatina, 99km
  • Alva, 101km
  • Summit, Sault Ste Marie area, 97km
  • Dishnish, 115km
  • Trout Lake, 103km
  • Mashkode, 105km
  • Millwood, 84km
  • Batchewana, 100km
  • Sand Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park area, 83km
  • Tabor, 83km
  • Agawa, 85km
  • Perry, Lake Superior Provincial Park area, 85km
  • Limer, 85km
  • O'Connor, Lake Superior Provincial Park area, 87km
  • Eton, 89km
  • Singelake, 90km
  • Ramsey, 91km
  • Otter, Wawa area, 97km
  • Anjigami, 85km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Chartrand Lake, 2km
  • Chapleau Lake, 4km
  • Freeborn Lake, 4km
  • Sandbar Lake, 4km
  • Clarity Lake, 4km
  • Jackson Lake, 5km
  • Galla Lake, 5km
  • Devon Lake, 8km
  • Sinclair Lake, 8km
  • Duncannon Lake, 9km
  • Bertrand Lake, 6km
  • Colin Lake, 6km
  • Sootheran Lake, 9km
  • Corset Lake, 9km
  • Stevenson Lake, 8km
  • Trap Lake, 11km
  • Jimmy Lake, 12km
  • Borden Lake, 8km
  • Poulin Lake, 11km
  • Chagnon Lake, 9km
  • Kilpatrick Lake, 11km
  • Dace Lake, 10km
  • Jennie Lake, 13km
  • McLennan Lake, 13km
  • Seven Mile Lake, 14km
  • Henderson Lake, 12km
  • Earl Lake, 11km
  • Ruth Lake, 14km
  • Igloo Lake, 14km
  • Como Lake, 12km
  • May Lake, 12km
  • Fife Lake, 10km
  • Gallagher Lake, 11km
  • Shoepac Lake, 15km
  • Ponoka Lake, 10km
  • Moodie Lake, 16km
  • Greb Lake, 14km
  • Louise Lake, 15km
  • Little Racine Lake, 17km
  • Pirie Lake, 17km
  • Pack Sack Lake, 17km
  • Phyllis Lake, 13km
  • Sideburned Lake, 14km
  • Olympic Lake, 17km
  • Slipper Lake, 12km
  • Coot Lake, 15km
  • D'Arcy Lake, 15km
  • Salters Lake, 14km
  • Wiener Lake, 18km
  • Wangoon Lake, 12km