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Township of Plummer Additional (Single Tier Algoma)

Phone : (705) 785-3471
Your Host(s) : Bruce Station Home Hardware Building Ct.

Bruce Station, ON (Nearby: Bruce Mines, Hilton Beach, Desbarats, Thessalon, Richards Landing)

Site #1, Box 19, RR#2
Bruce Station, Ontario
P0R 1C0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northcentral Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • The township includes the communities of Bruce Station, Cloudslee, Plummer, Rock Lake and Rydal Bank.

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Township of Plummer Additional (Single Tier Algoma), Phone : (705) 785-3471

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Off the beaten track:
  • Rydal Bank, 5km
  • Cloudslee, 5km
  • Plummer, 11km
  • Portlock, 9km
  • Glen Otter, 10km
  • Rock Lake, 15km
  • Gordon Lake, 14km
  • Ophir, 17km
  • Ansonia, 12km
  • Leeburn, 17km
  • Nestorville, 13km
  • Havilah, 18km
  • Milford Haven, 18km
  • Poplar Dale, 22km
  • Sherwood, Thessalon area, 16km
  • Dunns Valley, 20km
  • Little Rapids, 17km
  • Carterton, 20km
  • Beech Beach, 24km
  • Tenby Bay, 24km
  • Isbester, 21km
  • Port Findlay, 19km
  • MacLennan, 20km
  • Outlook, 24km
  • Richards Landing, 21km
  • Sylvan Valley, 24km
  • Bar River, 24km
  • Kentvale, 24km
  • Harmony, St. Joseph Island area, 24km
  • Laird, 24km
  • Livingstone Creek, 25km
  • Echo River, 30km
  • Livingstone, 26km
  • Sailors Encampment, 26km
  • Neebish, 26km
  • Wharncliffe, 29km
  • Sowerby, 29km
  • Day Mills, 32km
  • Dayton, 33km
  • Goldenburgh, 32km
  • French Bay, 42km
  • Bellingham, 38km
  • Parkinson, 39km
  • Kynoch, 40km
  • Glendale, Sault Ste. Marie area, 53km
  • Grandview Gardens, 44km
  • Eley, 42km
  • Eastside, 45km
  • Searchmont, 56km
  • Manitou Park, 45km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Ottertail Lake, 8km
  • Caribou Lake, 8km
  • Round Lake, 9km
  • Deer Lake, 12km
  • Gibboney Lake, 10km
  • Rock Lake, 13km
  • Gordon Lake, 13km
  • Rose Lake, 11km
  • Leslie Lake, 13km
  • Indian Lake, 15km
  • Caufield Lake, 16km
  • Randolph Lake, 13km
  • Havilah Lake, 19km
  • Desbarats Lake, 15km
  • Madill Lake, 20km
  • Diamond Lake, 16km
  • Eleanor Lake, 18km
  • Bog Lake, 16km
  • Twin Lakes, 16km
  • Grey Duck Lake, 16km
  • Tenass Lake, 18km
  • Bass Lake, 21km
  • Tower Lake, 20km
  • McCarrel Lake, 19km
  • Peter Lake, 21km
  • Cloudy Lake, 19km
  • Emerson Lake, 19km
  • Mole Lake, 22km
  • Siwash Lake, 22km
  • Quigley Lake, 23km
  • Hart Lake, 23km
  • Centre Lake, 22km
  • Wilson Lake, 22km
  • Lutes Lake, 24km
  • McMahon Lake, 24km
  • Patten Lake, 25km
  • Grant Lake, 24km
  • Hoath Lake, 25km
  • Petauguin Lake, 23km
  • Shaw Dam Lake, 18km
  • Chipman Lake, 25km
  • McCluskie Lake, 18km
  • Becking Lake, 20km
  • Two Horse Lake, 24km
  • Ess Lake, 24km
  • Hugli Lake, 26km
  • Lonely Lake, 23km
  • Hans Lake, 20km
  • Reserve Lake, 19km
  • Lamothe Lake, 26km