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Township of Machar (Single Tier Parry Sound)

Phone : (705) 386-7741
Fax : (705) 386-0765
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

South River, ON (Nearby: Sundridge, Trout Creek, Powassan, Burks Falls, Commanda)

73 Municipal Rd N.
South River, Ontario
P0A 1X0

Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Parry Sound.

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Township of Machar (Single Tier Parry Sound), Phone : (705) 386-7741

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Off the beaten track:
  • Maecks Subdivision, 1km
  • Bray Lake, 6km
  • Deans, 7km
  • Eagle Lake, 10km
  • Hartfell, 13km
  • Trout Creek, 16km
  • Strong, 14km
  • Lake Bernard, 16km
  • Pevensey, 17km
  • Kennedys, 18km
  • Stirling Falls, 18km
  • Berriedale, 20km
  • Carss, 21km
  • Pickerel Lake, 21km
  • Storie, 22km
  • Wattenwyle, 17km
  • Chetwynd, 25km
  • Pearceley, 21km
  • Powassan, 26km
  • Rye, 19km
  • Christian Valley, 26km
  • Wisemans Corners, 27km
  • Alsace, 25km
  • Bummers' Roost, 20km
  • Cecebe, 26km
  • Rockwynn, 27km
  • Alderdale, 30km
  • Sand Lake, Kearney area, 27km
  • Port Carmen, 27km
  • Doe Lake, 33km
  • Grahamvale, 33km
  • Hills Siding, 34km
  • Chapman's Landing, 32km
  • Hotham, 29km
  • Midlothian, 31km
  • Wade's Landing, 33km
  • Wasing, 31km
  • Farleys Corners, 27km
  • Chiswick, 33km
  • Starrat, 35km
  • Carr, 29km
  • Fossmill, 32km
  • Booth Landing, 36km
  • Port Anson, 33km
  • Scotia, 38km
  • Booth, 39km
  • Clear Lake, Huntsville area, 39km
  • Bear Valley, 30km
  • Ravensworth, 35km
  • Walls, 41km
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  • Moose Lake, 4km
  • Bacon Lake, 4km
  • Louck Lake, 5km
  • Scheil Lake, 7km
  • Laurier Lake, 8km
  • Beautiful Lake, 8km
  • Hamilton Lake, 7km
  • Forest Lake, 7km
  • Ever Lake, 8km
  • Seven Lake, 9km
  • Wendigo Lake, 8km
  • Timpano Lake, 10km
  • Goose Egg Lake, 10km
  • Otter Lake, 8km
  • Lynch Lake, 9km
  • Ham Lake, 11km
  • Bernard Lake, 12km
  • Hawe Lake, 11km
  • Bray Lake, 10km
  • Eagle Lake, 10km
  • Sausage Lake, 14km
  • Pool Lake, 15km
  • King Lake, 11km
  • Paisley Lake, 11km
  • Dight Lake, 13km
  • Twelve Lake, 15km
  • Twentyseven Lake, 12km
  • Music Lake, 14km
  • Tower Lake, 13km
  • Butterfield Lake, 12km
  • Cheer Lake, 14km
  • Starvation Lake, 13km
  • Smyth Lake, 15km
  • Denis Lake, 13km
  • Corncob Lake, 14km
  • Lambs Lake, 15km
  • Twin Lakes, 14km
  • Pickerel Lake, 19km
  • Dead Horse Lake, 14km
  • Mandeville Lake, 15km
  • Widgeon Lake, 17km
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  • Long Lake, 14km
  • McQuoid Lake, 20km
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  • Busch Lake, 20km
  • Hinsburger Lake, 18km
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