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Municipality of Machin (Single Tier Kenora)

Phone : (807) 227-2633
Fax : (807) 227-5443
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Vermilion Bay, ON (Nearby: Waldhof, Minnitaki, Camp Robinson, Migisi Sahgaigan, Oxdrift)

75 Spruce Street, Box 249
Vermilion Bay, Ontario
P0V 2V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Kenora.

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Municipality of Machin (Single Tier Kenora), Phone : (807) 227-2633

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Off the beaten track:
  • Quibell, 12km
  • Waldhof, 9km
  • Gunne, 9km
  • Red Lake Road, 14km
  • Edison, 10km
  • Lash, 16km
  • Morgan, 19km
  • McIntosh, Vermilion Bay area, 20km
  • Niddrie, 29km
  • Canyon, 28km
  • Pine, 28km
  • Eton-Rugby, 29km
  • Amesdale, 38km
  • Perrault Falls, 58km
  • Two Mile Corner, 40km
  • Favel, 42km
  • Willard Lake, 42km
  • Richan, 44km
  • Hawk Lake, 43km
  • Thaddeus, 54km
  • Wabaskang, 68km
  • Grassy Narrows, 54km
  • Jones, 51km
  • Six Mile Corner, 51km
  • Whitefish Bay, 64km
  • Pawitik, 64km
  • Millidge, 53km
  • Manitou Falls, 81km
  • Wabigoon, 59km
  • Goldpines, 88km
  • Scovil, 59km
  • Farlane, 60km
  • Gold Rock, 68km
  • Sioux Narrows, 70km
  • Crow Lake, Kenora area, 85km
  • Sunstrum, 64km
  • Brinka, 67km
  • Caliper Lake, 95km
  • Taggart, 70km
  • Lajeunesse Bridge, 69km
  • Margach, 69km
  • Bruce Lake, 107km
  • Snake Falls, 109km
  • Pelletier Bridge, 71km
  • Redditt, 72km
  • Northwest Bay, 112km
  • Burditt Lake, 108km
  • Manomin, 110km
  • Government Landing, 115km
  • Webster, 80km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Long Lake, 2km
  • Nixon Lake, 2km
  • Hellsten Lake, 2km
  • Ely Lake, 2km
  • Roderick Lake, 4km
  • Gray Lake, 4km
  • Favell Lake, 4km
  • Crystal Lake, 4km
  • Shallow Lake, 8km
  • Jake Lake, 7km
  • Cowamula Lake, 6km
  • Aaron Lake, 8km
  • Blue Lake, 9km
  • Clearwater Lake, 11km
  • Caribou Lake, 10km
  • Corner Lake, 8km
  • Final Lake, 9km
  • Wildrice Lake, 9km
  • Mutrie Lake, 9km
  • Smellie Lake, 11km
  • Trout Lake, 12km
  • Walleye Lake, 11km
  • Yellow Lake, 15km
  • Indian Lake, 11km
  • McGregor Lake, 15km
  • Slaughterhouse Lake, 16km
  • Leo Lake, 14km
  • Black Lakes, 13km
  • Bowden Lake, 16km
  • Blackbluff Lake, 17km
  • Bottle Bay Lake, 13km
  • Long Lake, 17km
  • Edison Lake, 12km
  • Square Lake, 17km
  • Brown Trout Lake, 15km
  • Boer Lake, 13km
  • Brownie Lake, 13km
  • Triangle Lake, 12km
  • Edward Lake, 15km
  • Chanley Lake, 15km
  • Violet Lake, 15km
  • One Mile Lake, 15km
  • Green Lake, 21km
  • Pope Lake, 14km
  • Eye Lake, 19km
  • Kimber Lake, 14km
  • Whitney Lake, 16km
  • Strawberry Lake, 15km
  • Bell Lake, 15km
  • Soma Lake, 15km