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Township of Sioux Narrows - Nestor Falls (Single Tier Kenora)

Phone : (807) 226-5241
Fax : (807) 226-5712
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

Sioux Lookout, ON (Nearby: Hudson, Lac Seul, Dinorwic, Ignace, Wabigoon)

25 Fifth Ave., P.O. Box 417
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1A4

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

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Township of Sioux Narrows - Nestor Falls (Single Tier Kenora), Phone : (807) 226-5241

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Off the beaten track:
  • Sam Lake, 6km
  • Pelican, 8km
  • Superior Junction, 10km
  • Alcona, Sioux Lookout area, 12km
  • Frenchman's Head, 20km
  • Zarn, 23km
  • Rosnel, 24km
  • McDougall Mills, 28km
  • Yonde, 34km
  • Webster, 31km
  • Kejick Bay, 36km
  • Ghost River, 34km
  • Umfreville, 40km
  • Taché, 60km
  • Taggart, 41km
  • Raleigh, 67km
  • Dyment, 60km
  • Robinson, 45km
  • Butler, 70km
  • Watcomb, 50km
  • Sunstrum, 46km
  • Borups Corners, 63km
  • Osaquan, 72km
  • Clarkdon, 59km
  • O'Briens Landing, 59km
  • Valora, 62km
  • Wabigoon, 64km
  • Ycliff, 56km
  • Millidge, 57km
  • Silver Dollar, 62km
  • Notman, 83km
  • Mattabi, 67km
  • Six Mile Corner, 66km
  • Unaka, 72km
  • Richan, 66km
  • Fowler, 69km
  • Two Mile Corner, 73km
  • Bonheur, 96km
  • Tannin, 81km
  • Gold Rock, 91km
  • Amesdale, 73km
  • Thaddeus, 74km
  • Sowden, 88km
  • Eton-Rugby, 81km
  • Slate Falls, Bamaji Lake, near Wabakimi Prov. Pk., 121km
  • Reba, 96km
  • Martin, 108km
  • Niddrie, 84km
  • Uchi Lake, 119km
  • Trapper's Landing, 87km
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