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Township of Harley (Single Tier Timiskaming)

Phone : (705) 647-5439
Fax : (705) 647-6373
Your Host(s) : Municipal Administration

New Liskeard, ON (Nearby: Belle Vallee, Thornloe, Hilliardton, Haileybury, North Cobalt)

903303 Hanbury Road
New Liskeard, Ontario
P0J 1P0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Temiskaming.

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Township of Harley (Single Tier Timiskaming), Phone : (705) 647-5439

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Off the beaten track:
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  • Dymond, 6km
  • Uno Park, 5km
  • Couttsville, 8km
  • Sutton Bay, 7km
  • Thwaites, 9km
  • Pearson, 9km
  • Hillview, New Liskeard area, 10km
  • Milberta, 10km
  • Whitewood Grove, 14km
  • Judge, 10km
  • Highland, 11km
  • Brethour, 17km
  • Button's Corners, 17km
  • O'Brien, New Liskeard area, 21km
  • Coleman, Cobalt area, 22km
  • Tomstown, 23km
  • McCool, 17km
  • Kerr Lake, 25km
  • Gillies, 25km
  • Marshall's Corners, 26km
  • Gillies Depot, 26km
  • Heaslip, 25km
  • Lorrain, 27km
  • Paradis Bay, 31km
  • Wendigo Lake, 32km
  • Brentha, 28km
  • Errettsville, 30km
  • Marter, 34km
  • Mowat Landing, 27km
  • Bigelow, 35km
  • Johnson, Temagami area, 37km
  • Chamberlain, 34km
  • Lorrain Valley, 38km
  • Wawbewawa, 36km
  • Freeman, Temagami area, 41km
  • Cane, 30km
  • Hill's Lake, 32km
  • Charlton, 35km
  • Krugerdorf, 41km
  • Rib Lake, 45km
  • Osseo, 31km
  • Silver Centre, 46km
  • Maidens, 45km
  • South Mindoka, 45km
  • Mindoka, 47km
  • Owaissa, 51km
  • Mount MacDonald, 40km
  • Boston Creek, 50km
  • Mountain Chutes, 37km
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