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Goderich, ON (Nearby: Dungannon, Auburn, Bayfield, Clinton, Londesborough)

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168 West Street
Goderich, Ontario
N7A 2K9

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

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Park House Tavern & Eatery, Phone : (519) 524-4968

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Poirier girls on 09-Nov-22
Absolutely amazing dinner. It was definitely a packed house but our waitress was attentive & fantastic. Our food was definitely the best we'd eaten during our time in Goderich. Everything was fresh, homemade & cooked to perfection. You could taste the freshness. We will definitely be back!

Dustin Nguyen on 05-Nov-21
The food here was very surprising. My family and I went here on a whim and ended up loving everything we ordered. The 10oz steak special was cooked to perfection. The Caesar salad wasn't over dressed and at such a great price there was no way we were leaving hungry! If you're looking for a place to eat while in the area, I highly recommend giving Park House a shot.

Michelle Yip on 06-Nov-20
We didn't expect much from here. The wait wasn't long for a Saturday afternoon, there's a lot of space inside, and staff was friendly. We ordered the perch tacos, and the fish and chips. Both were SO good! Fish was super fresh. Atmosphere is warm, although the place is a bit older it has a lot of windows, and outdoor seating.

MurrayF528 on 08-Nov-19
We were doing a bit of a road trip and stopped in Goderich. Just driving around, we found the Park House down close to the water. It is a really homey cross between bar and restaurant, all windows across the end of the room looking toward the lake. They have quite a good selection of draft beer, 17 local and national brands when we were there. They had a beer batter fish lunch special but we opted for beer and cheese soup, bruschetta and potato skins. Everything was terrific with everything home made. There is quite a large menu that should have something for everyone. Service was quick, efficient and attentive with the owner being an active participant, helping her staff seemlessly. Great place for lunch.

Paul Markle on 25-Jan-16
Sherry and Herb, Congratulations! Next award will be Citizens of the year! Paul

Daniel Rebich on 27-Apr-15
I recently spent 5 months in Goderich for a project (11/14 until 4/15). Although there are several restaurants, bars, and pubs in Goderich, I cannot stress enough how fortunate I was to find the Parkhouse. I found myself having lunch there everyday and would stop there after work to unwind. Their meals are excellent, whether it is lunch or dinner (Steaks are incredible!). But any restaurant or pub can have great food. What made the Parkhouse stand out for me was the hospitality and service. Bridget, Ashley, Trish, Tara, and Brianna always treated me like family. They all made me feel welcome, as if I were a lifelong resident of Goderich. I have worked around the world. The Parkhouse is one place I will definitely make a special trip to visit again. Daniel Rebich Site Manager ABB HV Cables

Heather Lyons on 04-Dec-14
Best Food, Best View, Best Service! Our guests at Upper Canada Suites & Apts - just a short walk away - confirm...'This is the 'sweetest spot' at the Port of Goderich!'

ddb on 27-Jan-11
Happy Herb is always ready with a smile and a friendly greeting. His wait staff are pros and the kitchen cranks out great food. I would highly recommend the Park House to anyone.

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