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The Old Railroad Stop (Hiawatha First Nation)

Phone : (705) 295-7122
Phone : (705) 295-7148
Fax : (705) 295-4055
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
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Your Host(s) : Hiawatha First Nation

Hiawatha First Nation, ON (Nearby: Harwood, Gores Landing, Keene, Woodview, Roseneath)

341 Hiawatha Line.,
Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario
K9J 0E6

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Gift Certificates ] [ We Accept Visa ] [ We Accept Mastercard ] [ We Accept Debit Payment ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 30

Business Hours:
  • 7am - 9 pm 7 days a week

Description From Owner:
  • The Old Railroad Stop is a multifaceted business designed to accommodate all of your needs.
  • Located on the North Shore of Rice Lake you can take in the beautiful views from the beach or restaurant.
  • The gas bar and convenience store are fully stocked to cater to all your needs whether you are just passing through or staying for a while.
  • You will be able to get all you need at the convenience store including cigarettes, lottery tickets and perishables.
  • There is also an ATM located in the store for your convenience and the friendly gas attendants will be happy to help you fill your vehicles tank, wash your windows and help you on your way.
  • Come and visit us at the Old Railroad Stop this year.

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The Old Railroad Stop (Hiawatha First Nation), Phone : (705) 295-7122

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Alicia M on 20-Feb-24
A great place for breakfast, pit stop for gas, snacks, or just a general store for some hoodies, mugs, etc. They also refill propane tanks for a good price. Everyone was so friendly and the view of the lake was beautiful while eating. Will definitely be back!

Robert Dewart on 14-Feb-23
Great people ..a couple of days ago I had filled up and returned to my key fob didn't work to start my car...from the two cashiers to the gentleman who filled my car and the manager ...were beyond helpful...being in the service industry I notice when people give excellent service...thanks again! Rob

Sylvia Derksen on 19-May-22
The fuel seems to be almost 10 cents/ litre cheaper. The gift store has some beautiful native things to purchase. I wish there was more items to choose from. The restaurant is typical, for a small diner. But, the price seems lower! Example, roast beef sandwich with fries was $11. Don't expect plenty of beef,it's not a deli. The place could use a good cleaning. Nothing regarding food safety, but tables and chairs weren't wiped down well, and the floors needed mopping. But, perhaps they were understaffed. The employees are very friendly.

Farid B on 21-Nov-20
Great breakfast at low prices and gas prices below most gas station with full service, but due to COVID-19 only take out available, cash or debit, and the beach is closed (Nov. 21, 2020). Definitely worth the drive to eat from there and fill-up your tank.

Herb Terry on 11-Feb-20
This is a well maintained restaurant, overlooking Rice Lake, on the Hiawatha Reserve, near Keene, ON. The food is very good, with quite reasonable prices. The Staff is friendly and the view of the Lake is fantastic. There is a gas station on the site, that always has the lowest prices in the area. Historical data indicates that this was the landing area of the old Cobourg to Peterborough Railway Line, that used to cross Rice Lake, in the 1850's.

Dorothy Edgerton on 12-Jun-16
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone the food is excellent and the waitresses are very friendly and very polite. The fish and chips on Friday is very tasty. The prices are reasonable. I have tried most things on the menu and it really good. You won't leave there hungry cause you get a good plate full.

Dave E on 28-Apr-14
This restaurant is unique as the building encloses a log cabin train stop that was intended for the Grand Trunk Railway across Rice Lake but the log cabin saw very few trains as the tracks across the lake failed early due to ice. First Nations People run this restaurant so the menu items have a unique first nations name in most cases. I had a breakfast which runs until 11:30 a.m. titled Big Chief Breakfast. This meal consisted of 2 eggs, 3 sausages, 3 peal meal and 2 bacon and cost around ten dollars. I was very pleased with the meal, however the menu was slow in arrival to our table. There was a constant flow of people into the restaurant as the food is really liked in that area according to the First Nations People we talked to and I will definitely be back to try out their afternoon menu as it looks very interesting on the all meals menu. You can reach this restaurant by taking Hwy. 7 a few yards out of Peterborough East to the Old Keene Road intersection, then down the whole length of the Old Keene Road where you make a left turn, then less than a 1/4 km. turn right and take that road until the very end where the restaurant is sitting exactly at the end down by the lake.

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