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Forest Mills

Phone : (613) 388-2276
Your Host(s) : Hart's Garage Roblin

Roblin, ON (Nearby: Selby, Marlbank, Napanee, Marysville, Deseronto)

3243 Hwy 41
Roblin, Ontario
K0K 2W0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 125. In Richmond T., Lennox & Addington C. on the Salmon R. and C. Rd. 12, 14 km NW of Napanee.
  • The place was first known as The Falls and was the site of the only bridge across the river which all traffic to and from the N part of the T. had to use. The first house here was built by Chauncey Windover in the 1830s.
  • When Archie McNeil built a saw and grist mill the lace became known as McNeil's Mills. When the post office opened in 1868 the name was changed to Forest Mills.

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Forest Mills, Phone : (613) 388-2276

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terry jackson on 08-Feb-15
This is great to see that people can find there way to one of the early settlements in Ontario, have lived here most of my life close to windover cemetery,

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