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Phone : (613) 333-5523
Your Host(s) : Pine Valley Restaurant

Griffith, ON (Nearby: Denbigh, Quadeville, Foymount, Dacre, Cormac)

26047 Hwy 41
Griffith, Ontario
K0J 2R0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 161. In Griff T,Renfrew C.on the Madawaska R. and HWY. 41 and C. Rd. 71, 79 km NE of Bancroft.
  • The T. was surveyed in the 1850s and is believed to have been named for Col. Thomas Griffith, commander of the Greys at the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War.

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Griffith, Phone : (613) 333-5523

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Bill Cowan on 01-Sep-15
I am looking for Gary Tohivsky who deals with older car parts. His address is Box 52 Griffith Ontario K0J 2Ro & phone # 613-333-2902

Bonnie Boomhower on 08-Aug-11
We stopped in here on our way up to Ranch Lake for a bathroom break and snacks. The facilities were very clean, prices very reasonable but what caught or attention most was the friendly, outgoing staff and how busy this restaurant was in the middle of no where. It was packed. We made a point to plan to stop in again on our way home and this time for dinner. What an amazing surprise for us. My family of five enjoyed the best meal we have had in a restaurant in years if not ever. It was simple, delicious food. There was not one thing you could complain or not be happy with. They were extremely busy, had a huge reservation and our waitress informed us that it would be at least 30 minutes before the cooks could start our order. We were hungry, so had a backwards dinner and ordered dessert first, which the homemade pies and rice pudding was very good, but the Beaver Bites were to die for! It was a wait for our dinner but one that was very well worth it!!! I will tell everyone to stop here if you are ever travelling 41 hwy in that area. The unexpected and most memorable moment was the the impromptu musical entertainment of the owner singing/playing the guitar for a few minutes. He actually managed to get my teenage daughters to sing, in a restaurant in front of people. A family memory we will cherish. Thank you so much for such a great finish to our family's weekend.

Jonathan on 01-Jul-11
I pretty well stopped going to restaurants because I would always leave so disappointed, with the food and sometimes the service. I am a chef and can't understand how people can screw up the most basic meals and how bad they can taste. I stopped at the Pine Valley Restaurant on my way to Bancroft and I must say what a surprise it was for me to find such a great place to eat. I have never found a place where I am served food that although simple tastes fantastic. I went back there a month later and it was another perfect meal, this time a burger, that's it, just a burger and man was it good! What a joy to find cooks that takes pride in what they send out. Hats off to the kitchen staff, what you have managed to achieve is not found in most restaurant kitchens. I can't forget about the server either, always so polite and nice it brightens up your day. It was the same girl both times I have been there. Nice to see someone who seems to really enjoy their job. I usually only do reviews when I have had a bad experience, but I thought for a change I would let people know how good my meal was. Now don't expect bells and whistles to go off when eating there. It is a gas bar, convenience store, and restaurant all in one place, but It is good, honest, great tasting food done right. Surprising how many restaurants fail to serve food that actually tastes good and stay in business for years. Great job!

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