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Hardwood Lake

Phone : (613) 332-1496
Your Host(s) : Cunningham's Country Store

McArthurs Mills, ON (Nearby: Quadeville, Palmer Rapids, Denbigh, Boulter, Foymount)

35513 Hwy 28 E
McArthurs Mills, Ontario
K0L 2M0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 50. In Brudenell T, Renfrew c., on Hwy. 28 and C. Rd. 514, 42 km NE of Bancroft. The place was called Beardwood, Harwood and Harrowood before being named Hardwood Lake. There are nine other Hardwood Lakes in Ontario.

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Hardwood Lake, Phone : (613) 332-1496

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  • Brudenell, 25km
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  • Weslemkoon, 26km
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