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Longford Mills, ON (Nearby: Washago, Severn Bridge, Orillia, Rama, Kilworthy)

6548 Rama Rd.
Longford Mills, Ontario
L0K 1L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • In Longford T., Victoria C. on the W side of Lake St. John, 16 km N of Orillia. In 1862 the T. was named after County Longford in Ireland.

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Longford, Phone : (705) 325-4601

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Dieter Noack on 24-Dec-15
Longford Mills used to be a thriving lumber town with up to 5000 people. Today there is a Chemical company operating there. There are some summer camps along the Lake Couchiching shores. Not many of the original houses are left standing. There is an old church and a community center.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Longford, 0km
  • Mariposa Beach, 2km
  • Geneva Park, 1km
  • Rama Road, 3km
  • Grays Bay, 4km
  • Fawn Bay, 4km
  • Floral Park, 5km
  • Menoke Beach, 3km
  • Amigo Beach, 4km
  • Buena Vista Park, 4km
  • Scarlet Park, 5km
  • Ardtrea, 4km
  • Hawkins Corners, 6km
  • Happyland, 5km
  • Wilson Point, 6km
  • Atherley, 8km
  • Washago, 8km
  • Orchard Point, 8km
  • Tafton, 7km
  • Simcoe Lodge, 9km
  • Uptergrove, 9km
  • Rathburn, 7km
  • Fountain Beach, 9km
  • Orkney Beach, 10km
  • Sandy Beach, Orillia area, 10km
  • MacDonald Beach, 10km
  • Murphy Beach, 10km
  • Victoria Point, 10km
  • Severn Bridge, 11km
  • Harry's Corner, 11km
  • Joyland Beach, 12km
  • Hamlet, 12km
  • Hampshire Mills, 9km
  • Bonnie Beach, 13km
  • Port Stanton, 14km
  • Maple Valley, Orillia area, 12km
  • Bayshore Village, 14km
  • Moons Beach, 15km
  • Southview Cove, 14km
  • Uhthoff, 11km
  • New Uhthoff, 11km
  • Southview Beach, 14km
  • Forest Home, 14km
  • Glenrest Beach, 14km
  • Cedarmont Beach, 16km
  • Bass Lake Park, 13km
  • Sparrow Lake, 17km
  • Udney, 13km
  • Carlyon, 13km
  • Fergus Hill Estate, 14km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Lake Couchiching, 2km
  • Lake St. John, 2km
  • Mud Lake, 4km
  • Lake St. George, 7km
  • Grass Lake, 11km
  • Buck Lake, 12km
  • Beaver Lake, 14km
  • Bailey Lake, 14km
  • Sparrow Lake, 16km
  • Cull Lake, 15km
  • Round Lake, 17km
  • Clearwater Lake, 17km
  • Bass Lake, 15km
  • Eastern Lake, 17km
  • Long Lake, 17km
  • Moose Lake, 20km
  • Lower Eastern Lake, 19km
  • Young Lake, 16km
  • Kahshe Lake, 22km
  • Little Sunny Lake, 23km
  • Kelly Lake, 19km
  • Cornall Lake, 24km
  • Morrison Lake, 23km
  • Coombs Lake, 19km
  • South Muldrew Lake, 24km
  • Jevins Lake, 25km
  • Buck Lake, 19km
  • Turtle Lake, 21km
  • Three Mile Lake, 24km
  • Silver Lake, 25km
  • Lake Simcoe, 26km
  • Riley Lake, 23km
  • Lamorie Lake, 25km
  • Gull Lake, 27km
  • Sunny Lake, 26km
  • Bass Lake, 25km
  • Dalrymple Lake, 19km
  • Middle Muldrew Lake, 26km
  • Muldrew Lakes, 26km
  • Dumbell Lake, 22km
  • North Muldrew Lake, 26km
  • Buck Lake, 26km
  • Little Lake, 26km
  • Pence Lake, 25km
  • Jerita Lake, 26km
  • Lower Eagle Lake, 27km
  • Doe Lake, 28km
  • Spence Lake, 26km
  • Fawn Lake, 28km
  • Rat Lake, 25km