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Miller Lake (Bruce Peninsula)

Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301
Your Host(s) : Miller Lake Post Office

Miller Lake, ON (Nearby: Dyers Bay, Stokes Bay, Lions Head, Pike Bay, Tobermory)

198 Side Road 30
Miller Lake, Ontario
N0H 1Z0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 189. In Bruce c. on Hwy. 6, 48 km NW of Wiarton. There are 29 Miller Lakes in Ontario.

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Miller Lake (Bruce Peninsula), Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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Off the beaten track:
  • Miller Lake West, 3km
  • McVicar, 6km
  • Miller Lake East, 5km
  • Brinkman's Corners, 6km
  • Clarke's Corners, 10km
  • Stokes Bay, 13km
  • Cape Chin North, 10km
  • Monument Corners, 11km
  • Cape Chin, 11km
  • Gillies Lake, 12km
  • Old Woman's River, 17km
  • Cape Chin South, 13km
  • Parker Landing, 17km
  • Spry, 20km
  • Ferndale, Bruce Peninsula area, 19km
  • Centreville, Lion's head area, 21km
  • Edenhurst, 25km
  • Barrow Bay, 23km
  • Pike Bay, 28km
  • Tobermory, 24km
  • Howdenvale, 33km
  • Hopeness, 28km
  • Red Bay, 36km
  • Hope Bay, 31km
  • Adamsville, 35km
  • McIver, 37km
  • Clay Hills, 38km
  • Nayausheeng, 37km
  • Colpoy's Bay, 43km
  • Purple Valley, Bruce Peninsula area, 41km
  • Little Port Elgin, 40km
  • Cape Croker, 39km
  • Sauble Falls, 49km
  • Halfway Point, 40km
  • Wiarton, 47km
  • Omeedjilawh Camp, 41km
  • Sauble Beach North, 52km
  • Oxenden, 47km
  • Makataewaukawauk, 41km
  • Sauble Beach, 54km
  • Clavering, 53km
  • Zion, Owen Sound area, 51km
  • Tolmie, 55km
  • Sauble Beach South, 57km
  • Lake Charles, 51km
  • Wolseley, 54km
  • Skipness, 61km
  • Big Bay, 52km
  • Scotch Settlement, Port Elgin area, 64km
  • Park Head, 61km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Miller Lake, 4km
  • Shouldice Lake, 5km
  • Ague Lake, 7km
  • Crane Lake, 8km
  • Warder Lake, 9km
  • Marley Lake, 10km
  • Scugog Lake, 7km
  • Britain Lake, 8km
  • George Lake, 10km
  • Ira Lake, 10km
  • Lower Andrew Lake, 12km
  • Clear Lake, 12km
  • Otter Lake, 9km
  • Emmett Lake, 13km
  • Twin Marsh Lakes, 12km
  • Moore Lake, 13km
  • Bartley Lake, 13km
  • Umbrella Lake, 13km
  • Quenlin Lake, 13km
  • Conley Lake, 15km
  • Lymburner Lake, 15km
  • Gillies Lake, 14km
  • Cyprus Lake, 16km
  • Horse Lake, 16km
  • Cameron Lake, 16km
  • Marr Lake, 17km
  • Loon Lake, 18km
  • West Little Lake, 19km
  • Rowes Lake, 25km
  • Barney Lake, 22km
  • Little Lake, 24km
  • Beattie Lake, 33km
  • Sky Lake, 36km
  • Mud Lake, 37km
  • North Hodgins Lake, 39km
  • Hodgins Lake, 40km
  • Isaac Lake, 40km
  • Patterson Lake, 41km
  • Berford Lake, 39km
  • Spry Lake, 43km
  • Big Mud Lake, 41km
  • Little Mud Lake, 41km
  • Lucky Lake, 42km
  • Boat Lake, 45km
  • Carson Lake, 55km
  • Silver Lake, 56km
  • Gleason Lake, 49km
  • Lake Charles, 51km
  • Shepherd Lake, 55km
  • Maryville Lake, 59km