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Miners Bay

Phone : (705) 488-2779
Your Host(s) : Kinmount Post Offce

Kinmount, ON (Nearby: Norland, Minden, Burnt River, Coboconk, Union Creek)

4078 County Rd. 121
Kinmount, Ontario
K0M 2A0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 15. In Lutterworth T, Haliburton C. on a SE bay of Gull L., and Hwy. 35, 12 km S of Minden. Shown as Miner's Bay on an 1857 map.

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Miners Bay, Phone : (705) 488-2779

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Off the beaten track:
  • Miners Bay, 1km
  • Buller, Kinmount, 2km
  • Kilcoo Camp, 4km
  • Moore Falls, 3km
  • Rackety, 5km
  • Deep Bay, 5km
  • Lutterworth, 8km
  • Dongola, 8km
  • Howland, 9km
  • Watsons, 11km
  • Dutch Line, 12km
  • Gelert, 14km
  • Union Creek, 16km
  • Head Lake, 17km
  • Galena Hill, 18km
  • Horseshoe Lake, Minden area, 21km
  • Ingoldsby, 19km
  • Furnace Falls, 16km
  • Baddow, 23km
  • Bexley, 21km
  • Peterson Corner, 25km
  • Fell, 25km
  • Corsons, 23km
  • Burys Green, 24km
  • Mount Irwin, 19km
  • Allsaw, 23km
  • Hindon Hill, 26km
  • Silver Lake, Fenelen Falls area, 23km
  • Blairhampton, 25km
  • Brady Lake, 26km
  • Rosedale, Bobcaygeon area, 27km
  • Uphill, 21km
  • Boskung, 29km
  • Camp Kagawong, 30km
  • Long Point, Fenelen Falls area, 30km
  • Isaacs Glen, 31km
  • Victoria Road, 28km
  • Buttermilk Falls, 31km
  • Donald, 26km
  • Ewan, 23km
  • Maple Lake, 31km
  • Maxwells, Kinmount area, 24km
  • Fortescue, 24km
  • Halls Lake, 34km
  • Goulds, 29km
  • Clear Lake, Bracebridge area, 29km
  • Little Hawk Lake, 35km
  • Pine Springs, 36km
  • Vankoughnet, 29km
  • Verulam Park, 36km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Marigold Lake, 0km
  • Round Lake, 1km
  • Clear Lake, 1km
  • Sam's Lake, 1km
  • Otter Lake, 2km
  • Cedar Lake, 2km
  • Gull Lake, 4km
  • South Beaver Lake, 4km
  • East Moore Lake, 3km
  • Spar Lake, 5km
  • Goodoar Lake, 5km
  • Copper Lake, 5km
  • Moore Lake, 4km
  • Lower Goodoar Lake, 5km
  • Little Gull Lake, 4km
  • Corben Lake, 6km
  • North Beaver Lake, 5km
  • Denna Lake, 6km
  • Black Lake, 5km
  • Davis Lake, 5km
  • Little Bob Lake, 7km
  • North Pigeon Lake, 7km
  • Crego Lake, 7km
  • Plewman Lake, 7km
  • West Moore's Lake, 6km
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  • Little Coburn Lake, 6km
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  • North Otter Lake, 9km
  • Devil's Lake, 8km
  • Scrabble Lake, 7km
  • Clear Lake, 8km
  • Red Boat Lake, 8km
  • Bob Lake, 11km
  • Shadow Lake, 12km
  • Cooney Lake, 9km
  • Beechnut Lake, 11km
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  • Cranberry Lake, 9km
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  • Fishog Lake, 10km
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  • Oak Lake, 11km
  • South Lake, 12km
  • Johnston Lake, 13km
  • Little Millward Lake, 13km
  • Silver Lake, 15km
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  • Victoria Lake, 12km