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Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301
Your Host(s) : Mishkeegogamang First Nation P.O.

Osnaburgh House, ON (Nearby: Pickle Lake, Savant Lake, Ogoki, Collins, Slate Falls)

1 First Nations St.
Osnaburgh House, Ontario
P0V 2H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • The people of Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation live in northwestern Ontario, around the area where the Albany River meets Lake St. Joseph.
  • Today, just over 900 people live on its two reserves, while about 500 live off the reserve, either on Crown Land or in other communities.
  • The Sucker, Loon, Caribou, Sturgeon, and Bear clans are represented among Mishkeegogamang members.
  • Pop. 600. On the N shore of Osnaburgh L. (an extension of L. St. Joseph and widening of the Albany R), on Hwy. 599, 262 km N of Ignace, 50 km SW of Pickle Lake, 250 km NE of Sioux Lookout.
  • A trading post ofthe Hudson's Bay Co. was built in 1786 to counter inroads being made in the territory by the North West Company.
  • The post was rebuilt in 1794 and closed from 1810 to 1815. Since 1815 it has been in continuous use. The post office is sometimes called Albany House and until recently was called Osnaburgh House and the community was New Osnaburgh.
  • The place was named after the biShop of Osnabruck, Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, the second son of George III.

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Mishkeegogamang, Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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Off the beaten track:
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  • Rat Rapids, 5km
  • Pickle Lake, 26km
  • Central Patricia, 29km
  • Pickle Crow, 33km
  • Allanwater Bridge, 111km
  • Harvey, 111km
  • Flindt Landing, 111km
  • Kawa, 112km
  • Staunton, 112km
  • Jacobs, 113km
  • Fee Spur, 113km
  • Savant Lake, 116km
  • Trapper's Landing, 120km
  • Ogaki, 117km
  • Fowler, 122km
  • Slate Falls, Bamaji Lake, near Wabakimi Prov. Pk., 94km
  • Pascopee, 126km
  • Ycliff, 132km
  • Onaping, 129km
  • Robinson, 138km
  • Armstrong, 133km
  • Ghost River, 145km
  • O'Briens Landing, 168km
  • McDougall Mills, 149km
  • Wagaming, 144km
  • Silver Dollar, 172km
  • Rosnel, 152km
  • Unaka, 180km
  • Big Beaver House, 193km
  • Mattabi, 178km
  • Tannin, 184km
  • Valora, 177km
  • Clarkdon, 176km
  • Watcomb, 173km
  • Sowden, 190km
  • Green, 150km
  • Umfreville, 174km
  • Yonde, 172km
  • Zarn, 168km
  • Reba, 201km
  • Alcona, Sioux Lookout area, 167km
  • Superior Junction, 166km
  • Quorn, 207km
  • Wunnummin Lake, 200km
  • Mud River, 157km
  • Petry, 215km
  • Oscar, 218km
  • Sioux Lookout, 173km
  • George, 225km
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