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Pitts Ferry

Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301
Your Host(s) : Kingston CFB Vimy

Kingston, ON (Nearby: Cutler, Joyceville, Wolfe Island, Battersea, Glenburnie)

1 Promenade Canal N.
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 5L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop, 25. In Edwardsburgh T., Frontenac C. 14 km NE of Kingston. First called Pittsferry.

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Pitts Ferry, Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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Off the beaten track:
  • Pitts Ferry, 1km
  • Eastview, Kingston area, 5km
  • Pine Hill, Kingston area, 6km
  • Cushendall, 6km
  • Scotch Settlement, Kingston area, 8km
  • King Pitt, 7km
  • Woodburn, Gananoque area, 8km
  • Codes Corner, 7km
  • Campbell Maxwell Front, 7km
  • St. Lawrence Woods, 8km
  • Poplar Grove, 8km
  • Ravensview, 9km
  • Washburn, 11km
  • Ida Hill, 11km
  • Willetsholme, 10km
  • Kingston Mills, 9km
  • Maple Hill, Inverary area, 12km
  • Brewer Lake, 13km
  • Atkinson, 12km
  • Willowbank, 10km
  • Fort Henry Heights, 11km
  • Maclean Park, 10km
  • Mount Chesney, 11km
  • Sunbury, 13km
  • Hemlock Downs, 11km
  • Fairmount, Kingston area, 11km
  • Milburn, 14km
  • Maple Lawn, 11km
  • Barriefield, 11km
  • Brewers Mills, 15km
  • Marysville, 13km
  • Wolfe Island, 13km
  • Springfield, Lansdowne area, 14km
  • Pine Grove, Gananoque area, 15km
  • Cedar Lake, 16km
  • Rideau Heights, 12km
  • Point Alexandria, 17km
  • Kingston Station, 13km
  • Port Metcalf, 13km
  • Maple Grove, Gananoque area, 14km
  • Burnt Hills, 19km
  • Cheeseborough, 15km
  • Weller, 14km
  • Shannons Corners, 14km
  • Kingscourt, 14km
  • Taylor, 17km
  • Woodlands, 16km
  • Keelerville, 21km
  • Latimer, 16km
  • Strathcona Park, 16km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Colonel By Lake, 8km
  • Brewer Lake, 14km
  • Collins Lake, 13km
  • Dog Lake, 16km
  • Cedar Lake, 16km
  • Cranberry Lake, 17km
  • Inverary Lake, 15km
  • Round Lake, 16km
  • Leo Lake, 19km
  • Cranesnest Lake, 20km
  • Loughborough Lake, 19km
  • South Lake, 19km
  • Guerley Lake, 22km
  • Fishing Lake, 22km
  • Pot Lake, 22km
  • Lacey Lake, 20km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 23km
  • Little Cranberry Lake, 22km
  • Spectacle Lake, 22km
  • Pond Hole Lake, 21km
  • Elbow Lake, 22km
  • Traverse Lake, 24km
  • Little Mud Lake, 23km
  • Upper Peterson Lake, 24km
  • Upper Awada Lake, 22km
  • Howard Lake, 20km
  • Lower Peterson Lake, 25km
  • Upper Rock Lake, 24km
  • Freeman Lake, 23km
  • Lower Rock Lake, 26km
  • Little Bear Lake, 26km
  • Lower Awada Lake, 23km
  • Mud Lake, 26km
  • Stonehouse Lake, 26km
  • Russell Lake, 26km
  • Gananoque Lake, 23km
  • Troy Lake, 27km
  • Goldfish Lake, 26km
  • Crow Lake, 27km
  • Warner Lake, 27km
  • Whitefish Lake, 27km
  • Hart Lake, 28km
  • Pothole Lake, 28km
  • Little Franklin Lake, 25km
  • Poole Lake, 28km
  • Davis Lake, 27km
  • Long Lake, 27km
  • Hogan Lake, 23km
  • Indian Lake, 25km
  • Mountain Lake, 27km