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Phone : (519) 371-5028
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Owen Sound, ON (Nearby: Chatsworth, Leith, Annan, Desboro, Williamsford)

  • Inglis Falls Grist Mill In 1845 Peter Inglis purchased a gristmill at this site at present day named Inglis Falls and in 1862 he replaced it with a four storey that operated as a gristmill. The mill was in operation until it was destroyed by a fire in 1945. The only remains are the millers home and some artifacts.

901 3rd Ave. E.
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 25. In Derby and Sydenham Ts, Grey C. on Hwy. 6 & 10 and C. Rd. 18,6 km S of Owen Sound.
  • According to Miss Vina Ufland. author of the History of Sydenham, this place was named for a rocky range of hills.

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Rockford, Phone : (519) 371-5028

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Off the beaten track:
  • Rockford, Owen Sound area, 0km
  • Inglis Falls, 1km
  • Squire, 5km
  • Bothwell's Corner, 7km
  • Hoath Head, 6km
  • Brooke, Owen Sound area, 8km
  • Springmount, 7km
  • Keward, 9km
  • Kilsyth, 8km
  • Balmy Beach, 11km
  • Hemstock Mills, 11km
  • Benallen, 11km
  • Arnott, 12km
  • East Linton, 14km
  • Massie, 11km
  • Keady, 12km
  • Jackson, 12km
  • Cruickshank, 13km
  • Lueck Mill, 16km
  • Copperkettle, 15km
  • Garryowen, 14km
  • Strathavon, 13km
  • Williamsford, 17km
  • Hogg, 18km
  • Shouldice, 17km
  • Lindenwood, 19km
  • Woodford, 16km
  • Marmion, 19km
  • Shallow Lake, Owen Sound area, 17km
  • Johnson, Owen Sound area, 19km
  • Silcote, 19km
  • Mooresburg, 22km
  • Alvanley, 16km
  • Peabody, 21km
  • Kinghurst, 23km
  • Grimston, 19km
  • Balaclava, Leith area, 21km
  • Walters Falls, 17km
  • Wolseley, 23km
  • Dornoch, 24km
  • Holford, 23km
  • Morley, 21km
  • Tara Siding, 19km
  • Lily Oak, 20km
  • Tara, 19km
  • Park Head, 19km
  • Invermay, 19km
  • Arranvale, 20km
  • Bayview, Meaford area, 20km
  • Elmhedge, 19km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Marshall's Lake, 6km
  • Young's Lake, 7km
  • Sheppard Lake, 8km
  • McGill Lake, 8km
  • Mud Lake, 11km
  • Brotske Lake, 15km
  • Stewart Lakes, 16km
  • Williams Lake, 15km
  • Minkes Lake, 17km
  • Town Line Lake, 13km
  • McCullough Lake, 18km
  • Francis Lake, 19km
  • Harrison Lake, 21km
  • Negro Lakes, 21km
  • Shallow Lake, 17km
  • Anderson Lake, 22km
  • McNab Lake, 18km
  • Mud Lake, 17km
  • Bass Lake, 21km
  • Hines Lake, 18km
  • Connell's Lake, 18km
  • Mountain Lake, 23km
  • Robson Lake, 19km
  • Clarke's Lake, 19km
  • Sunken Lake, 23km
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  • Walker Lake, 23km
  • Mary Lake, 24km
  • Gowan Lake, 25km
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  • North Louise Lake, 28km
  • Welbeck Mill Pond, 28km
  • Louise Lake, 28km
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  • Black's Lake, 25km
  • Binns Lake, 29km
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  • Gleason Lake, 29km
  • Manchester Lake, 22km
  • Tobermory Lake, 31km
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  • Gould Lake, 24km