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Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301
Your Host(s) : Sultan Post office

Sultan, ON (Nearby: Kormak, Ramsey, Chapleau, Biscotasing, Foleyet)

1 Cranberry St.
Sultan, Ontario
P0M 2Z0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 131. In T. 22, Sudbury Dist. on the CPR and C. Rd. 667, 56 km SE of Chapleau. The place started as a sawmill community in 1922.

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Sultan, Toll Free Phone : (866) 607-6301

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Debbie Robitaille (Rothenburger now) on 11-Mar-16
My father Henry Robitaille born in Cartier may have lived in sultan early 1930s..had sisters Theresa, Jeanette, cecile,lillian,jacqueline.. brothers, lionel, andre, amie, deus, jean Louis, ..I believe some of this family lived or still lives there...I want to travel this summer to visit this site and find my history...please email if you have any details..happy for contact...please email me..debbie

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