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Goderich, ON (Nearby: Dungannon, Auburn, Bayfield, Clinton, Londesborough)

168 West Street
Goderich, Ontario
N7A 2K9

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

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Business Hours:
  • 7 days a week open at 11:30 am and close by 11 pm. Call to make sure we are open later on and the kitchen is open.

Description From Owner:
  • The historic Goderich CPR station had it's official opening as one end of the Goderich-Guelph rail service on Thursday, September 12, 1907. It was last used as a boarding platform in 1956, and the entire line was abandoned in 1989.
  • Designated Heritage Property 2005 Reason for Designation: The Goderich CP railway station, referenced in the Heritage Railway Stations Inventory in 1987, remains locally significant and is designated for architectural and contextual reasons.
  • The station is built of red brick with limestone foundation. It has a hipped roof over the central portion with a cross-gable and lunette trackside.
  • Restored slate tiles top the cupola of the round waiting room. The sloped roof over the platform and the Armstrong turntable to the west of the building, were previously removed.
  • Original interior features include a true ceiling with three large medallions, wooden screens, interior doors, fixtures, trim and decorative plaster.
  • The stationhouse is located on land bought from the Canada Company in 1837 by Jacob Cummer and John Wilson and was opened for service in 1907. Passenger sevice ended in 1956, and mixed train service in 1961.
  • One of the last CPR trains stopped on the bridge on August 3, 1988 and blew its whistle for a final time. Just before abandonment of the line, a special train was sent from London to take out the last load of graders which occurred on December 16, 1988.
  • In July 2013, the station was moved several hundred metres closer to the lake with its former trackside facade facing west. Restoration of the building, including the platform canopy, has begun in anticipation of opening as a restaurant.

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Beach Street Station Restaurant, Phone : (519) 612-2212

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Ana Ayala (Anita La Colombiana) on 15-Nov-23
It was sooooo tasty! We got the fusion bowl and power bowl and added to them grilled chicken and falafel. Every bite was full of flavor, fresh, the right amount and not pricey. Good services, different payment options. Plenty of table and sits. And definitely options for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarian options: Very tasty vegetarian options!!!

Leo Yoon (Albatro) on 09-Nov-22
A restaurant with great food and perfect location for customers to witness the best sunsets in Ontario. Ordered the perch tacos and got to try some pulled pork tacos. Would say that the texture on the beer-battered perch was amazing, but I could see the flavour being felt as bland for some people. On the other hand, the pulled porks had great flavour, but not the greatest texture. Portion sizes were great and didn't feel unfairly priced. Service was good and overall, I would consider visiting again.

Curtis Cressman on 05-Nov-21
Fantastic restaurant! My girlfriend and I had a scrumptious meal on the patio last week. They were pretty busy, but the wait time wasn’t outrageous, you could tell they were being as efficient as possible. We didn’t need to wait long for our food. And the food… one of the best chicken sandwiches and burgers we have ever had! The burger was juicy and the fries were crisp and salted right. Our server asked us several times how the meal was. And the location of this place is just perfect with the lake right there in front of the patio. I highly recommend the Beach Street Station!

Canadian Critic on 06-Nov-20
The restaurant is right in front of the lake. Cozy and friendly place. Service was amazing. The menu has plenty of food choices. We took calamari appetizer with truffle fries - it was delicious, generous portions. Haddock fish and chips was also good. Just take it easy on the fried food because it is not so healthy. Otherwise, all was great.

sanitac2013 on 08-Nov-19
My sister and I were at the restaurant for dinner. A sisters weekend getaway!! Let me tell you that the view of the sunset over the Lake Huron is so stunning. You will not be disappointed. We took some pics and went into the restaurant. Beautiful setting and ambiance. Our waitress was Nicki and she was FABULOUS!! We started with the calamari. It was delicious but the portion was very small. We voiced our concern and our waitress took it off our bill. So nice of her to do that. For dinner I had the chicken supreme and my sister had the salmon. Both were absolutely delicious. Well portioned as well. We enjoyed a great dinner with a bottle of wine with great service. A place that is well worth a visit for lunch... with a view of the lake in the day, or dinner with a stunning look at a sunset!!

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