RuralLynx High Speed Internet

Phone : (833) 875-5553
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Your Host(s) : Ray Abrams

Havelock, ON (Nearby: Trent River, Norwood, Hastings, Campbellford, Westwood)

805 County Road 46
Havelock, Ontario
K0L 1Z0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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  • No Contracts, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High Speed Interent and Network Cabling
  • Quality High Speed Internet that you can Afford!

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RuralLynx High Speed Internet, Phone : (833) 875-5553

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Elizabeth Pollack on 08-Nov-22
RuralLynx is a great high-speed internet provider with great prices and fantastic customer service. Even if Bell could provide service to my home I wouldn't switch!

Doug Penfold on 23-Feb-22
Just wanted to say thanks again , from the office to the arborist to the techs, we are city people and our property/service installation was challenging, everyone was extremely professional and results oriented, they were friendly , personable and informative and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! I was recommended by both neighbours to them and absolutely recommend rural lynx to anyone else. Doug Penfold

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Off the beaten track:
  • Rush Point, 2km
  • Round Lake, 7km
  • Trent River, 8km
  • Ashby Mill, 7km
  • Chase Corners, 8km
  • Preneveau, 8km
  • Blairton Station, 9km
  • Rockdale, Marmora area, 10km
  • Centre Dummer, 9km
  • Freeman Corners, 10km
  • Westview, 14km
  • Woodland, Havelock area, 12km
  • Oak Lake, Havelock area, 15km
  • Connellys, 14km
  • Sunnybrae, 15km
  • Kellers, 13km
  • Blairton, 12km
  • Cordova Mines, 13km
  • Healey Falls, 14km
  • Stanwood, 14km
  • South Dummer, 15km
  • Vansickle, 18km
  • Crowe Bridge, 15km
  • Stonyridge, 17km
  • Clarina, 16km
  • West Corners, 19km
  • Kasshabog Lake, 19km
  • Godolphin, 20km
  • Cottesloe, 15km
  • Nephton, 19km
  • Crowes Landing, 16km
  • MacDonald Bay, 21km
  • Allan Mills, 16km
  • Gilchrist Bay, 17km
  • Pethericks Corners, 19km
  • Blue Mountain, 23km
  • Westwood, Hastings area, 20km
  • Brickley, 24km
  • Rylstone, 18km
  • Hall Glen, 19km
  • Warsaw, 19km
  • Cameron, 22km
  • Birdsalls, 24km
  • Meyersburg, 26km
  • Shanick, 22km
  • McCrackens Landing, Buckhorn area, 20km
  • Dartford, 27km
  • Burnbrae, 23km
  • Mount Julian, 21km
  • Percy Boom, 27km
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  • Beloporine Lake, 4km
  • Lost Lake, 5km
  • Belmont Lake, 7km
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