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Ontario Lavender Association

Phone : (613) 542-0830
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us

Simcoe, ON (Nearby: Midhurst, Barrie, Oro, Shanty Bay, Minesing)

1283 Blueline Rd. Box 587
Simcoe, Ontario
N3Y 4N5

Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • The Ontario Lavender Association has a key mandate of supporting and developing the Ontario Lavender sector. We will do with the following objectives:
  • Set a vision for lavender producers and processors in the province
  • Create a network for information sharing and project collaboration
  • Promote and brand the Ontario Lavender Association
  • Actively advocate for the benefit of lavender growth and development

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Ontario Lavender Association, Phone : (613) 542-0830

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Off the beaten track:
  • Dalston, 4km
  • Little Lake, Barrie area, 4km
  • Cundles, 5km
  • Crown Hill, 4km
  • Midhurst Station, 5km
  • Minet's Point, 8km
  • Tollendal, 9km
  • Craighurst, 9km
  • Edgar, 9km
  • Painswick, 11km
  • Horseshoe Valley, 12km
  • Bayshore Estates, 11km
  • Gilchrist, 9km
  • Shanty Bay, Barrie area, 10km
  • St. Pauls, 12km
  • Holly, 13km
  • Apto, 11km
  • Martinville, 15km
  • Grenfell, 12km
  • Vine, 15km
  • Hendrie, 12km
  • Martin Farm, 13km
  • Anten Mills, 11km
  • Colwell, 14km
  • Guthrie, 12km
  • Peninsular Park, 13km
  • Stroud, 15km
  • Cedar Mount, 13km
  • Coulson, 16km
  • Fergusonvale, 14km
  • Roeberta Park, 13km
  • Bear Point, 13km
  • Mount St. Louis, 18km
  • Oro Lea Beach, 13km
  • Innisfil Heights, 18km
  • Bramley, 16km
  • Barclay, 18km
  • Sandy Cove Acres, Lake Simcoe area, 15km
  • Carley, 18km
  • Essa, 16km
  • Phelpston, 15km
  • Mitchell Square, 15km
  • Maplegrove, 15km
  • Crescent Harbour, 15km
  • Glenhaven Beach, 15km
  • Lakeview, Lake Simcoe, 14km
  • Ivy, 19km
  • Thornton, 20km
  • Big Bay Point, 15km
  • Oro Beach, 14km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Little Lake, 3km
  • Hendrie Lake, 11km
  • Rumbles Mill Pond, 16km
  • Orr Lake, 20km
  • Doran Lake, 19km
  • Bass Lake, 23km
  • Marl Lake, 24km
  • Jacks Lake, 24km
  • Mud Lake, 33km
  • Lake Simcoe, 26km
  • Little Lake, 36km
  • Cranberry Lake, 40km
  • Coombs Lake, 39km
  • Otter Lake, 40km
  • Little Lake, 41km
  • MacLean Lake, 41km
  • Lalligan Lake, 37km
  • Barron's Lake, 43km
  • Lake Couchiching, 36km
  • Burrows Lake, 44km
  • Long Lake, 41km
  • Dumbell Lake, 43km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 44km
  • Gloucester Pool, 44km
  • St. Andrews Lake, 42km
  • Turtle Lake, 43km
  • Eastern Lake, 43km
  • Mountain Lake, 47km
  • Cull Lake, 43km
  • Buckskin Lakes, 46km
  • Lower Eastern Lake, 44km
  • Buck Lake, 42km
  • Lake St. George, 40km
  • Tea Lake, 48km
  • A-frame Lake, 48km
  • Beaver Lake, 43km
  • Round Lake, 45km
  • Grass Lake, 43km
  • Lake St. John, 40km
  • Baxter Lake, 49km
  • Tottenham Pond, 49km
  • Niepage Lake, 49km
  • Dike Pond, 44km
  • Tank Lake, 49km
  • Mud Lake, 40km
  • Rat Lake, 49km
  • Six Mile Lake, 51km
  • L Lake, 50km
  • Farlain Lake, 46km
  • Upper Boleau Lake, 50km