Camp Sagonaska (Scout Camp)

Phone : (613) 962-5530
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Thomasburg, ON (Nearby: Roslin, Tweed, Plainfield, Corbyville, Foxboro)

512 Vanderwater Rd.
Thomasburg, Ontario
K0K 3H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Camp Saganaska is within the Vanderwater Conservation area along the Moira River.
  • There are 15 campsites in this area with fire rings.
  • There is room for 300 campers in tents. The conservation area can be rented to increase that to 1000 campers.
  • The Longhouse has a large meeting room with wood stove heat, a sleeping room which sleeps 14 youth and 8 adults, and a kitchen with propane stove and fridge, fully stocked with pots, dishes, etc.
  • Nearby are two unheated cabins which each sleep 12 youth and 2 adults. There are two privies 20 m from the Longhouse accessible all year. There is a well on site with potable water, tested quarterly.

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Camp Sagonaska (Scout Camp), Phone : (613) 962-5530

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