Whiteside - Historical Post Office

Phone : (705) 762-5412

Bala, ON (Nearby: Port Sandfield, Port Carling, Torrance, Minett, Beaumaris)

3214 Hwy 169
Bala, Ontario
P0C 1A0

Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/Whiteside

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Whiteside - Historical Post Office, Phone : (705) 762-5412

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Tammy Russell on 20-Aug-22
My grandmother Hilda Russell owned and ran the postoffice within the Hotel Russell Hill. I would love to find more information on the building before she took it over. tpartiro1964@hotmail.com

Jo-Ann Craig on 20-Oct-19
I was doing some research on a young Barnardo child who came over from England in 1891 with his brothers. One child had resided with my ancestors but when I went to gather info on one of his other brothers (Robert Hawkins - birth date 1882) I noticed that in 1897, Whiteside Post Office was the address given on his records. So interesting in reading about these former post offices in rural areas. Would there be a photo of this post office by any chance? Thank you. Reviewer Name: Jo-Ann Craig Reviewer Email: mcnaughtonhouse@hotmail.com

Buzz Kinninmont on 26-Feb-17
A few years ago I had a large collection of obscure c.1910 Ontario postmarks to sell, and your website was a terrific help in figuring out where the long-gone post offices had been. Thank you. I don’t know if your mission is to include every historical ON settlement on your site, but in case it is here’s another postmark I just found that I couldn’t find on your site, Whiteside, 1907. “Bing” maps it to a spot about 4 km. NNE of Bala, on Innisfree Road on the NE side of Acton Island. buzzwds@beachnet.com

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