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Uxbridge Fair (Uxbridge Scott Agricultural Society)

Phone : (905) 852-7745
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page :
Outside Web Page :

Uxbridge, ON (Nearby: Sandford, Leaskdale, Goodwood, Greenbank, Claremont)

180 Main St S., P.O. Box 1472
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1J2

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Ontario Tourism Region : York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters

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Description From Owner:
  • Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.

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Uxbridge Fair (Uxbridge Scott Agricultural Society), Phone : (905) 852-7745

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Off the beaten track:
  • Coppin's Corners, 7km
  • Marsh Hill, 7km
  • Roseville, Uxbridge area, 6km
  • Victoria Corners, Uxbridge area, 8km
  • Epsom, 7km
  • Sandford, 8km
  • Utica, 9km
  • Glen Major, 12km
  • Siloam, 9km
  • Saintfield, 11km
  • Balsam, 14km
  • Dagmar, 14km
  • Wick, 14km
  • Glasgow, Stouffville area, 14km
  • Manchester, 12km
  • Blackwater, 15km
  • Blackwater Junction, 16km
  • Mount Zion, Ajax, 16km
  • Altona, 16km
  • Lincolnville, 14km
  • Vallentyne, 17km
  • Udora, 17km
  • Sunderland, 18km
  • Vroomanton, 19km
  • Layton, 16km
  • Prospect, Oshawa area, 15km
  • Prince Albert, 14km
  • Musselman's Lake, 15km
  • Zephyr, 15km
  • Atha Road, 19km
  • Port Perry, 14km
  • Highland Beach, 14km
  • Bloomington, Stouffville area, 16km
  • Myrtle Station, 16km
  • Pinedale, 18km
  • Stouffville, 18km
  • Myrtle, 17km
  • Vivian, 15km
  • Coronation Gardens, 19km
  • Honey's Beach, 15km
  • Ballantrae, 16km
  • Port View Beach, 15km
  • Gerrow's Beach, 16km
  • Seagrave, 17km
  • Kinsale, 20km
  • Mongolia, 21km
  • West Franklin, 16km
  • Cedar Shores, 17km
  • Sonya, 19km
  • Sunset View, 17km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Brookdale Pond, 3km
  • Wagner Lake, 9km
  • Widdifield Pond, 8km
  • Siloam Pond, 8km
  • Secord's Pond, 11km
  • Chalk Lake, 11km
  • Mud Lake, 12km
  • Glasgow Pond, 14km
  • Lazy Lake, 12km
  • Staley Lake, 13km
  • Shadow Lake, 14km
  • Musselman Lake, 15km
  • Windsor Lake, 15km
  • Joseph's Lake, 17km
  • Franklin Pond, 16km
  • Whitevale Pond, 24km
  • Lake Scugog, 22km
  • Dike Pond, 22km
  • van Nostrand Lake, 24km
  • Preston Lake, 25km
  • Samac Lake, 26km
  • Simeon Lake, 27km
  • Toogood Pond, 30km
  • Haynes Lake, 28km
  • St. George Lake, 30km
  • Fallis Pond, 27km
  • Brown Lake, 28km
  • Wilcox Lake, 31km
  • Bond Lake, 33km
  • Philips Lake, 34km
  • Mill Pond, 33km
  • Thompson Lake, 36km
  • Goose Lake, 41km
  • Lake Simcoe, 42km
  • Lake Seneca, 36km
  • Mary Lake, 38km
  • Kelly Lake, 52km
  • Canal Lake, 52km
  • Cranberry Lake, 52km
  • Hackett Lake, 42km
  • Mitchell Lake, 53km
  • Kirkfield Lake, 54km
  • Kelly Lake, 43km
  • McKinnon Pond, 43km
  • Dalrymple Lake, 60km
  • Sturgeon Lake, 52km
  • Balsam Lake, 57km
  • Raven Lake, 59km
  • Long Pond, 58km
  • Lighthouse Pond, 59km