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Indian River, ON (Nearby: Warsaw, Douro, Westwood, Youngs Point, Woodview)

397 Carlow Line Rd.
Indian River, Ontario

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Hi there local friends I am so happy to announce that I have now been able to start providing a trustworthy and cost effective way of ordering eyeglasses in and around the area.
  • I have been a loyal optician to all of my clients thus far (6 years) . I want to be able to save you time, money & pressure by giving my educated and professional opinion when we are discussing your prescription & suitable frame choice as a one on one se
  • I have an excellent unique frame selection suitable for a wide variety of styles! Measurements & adjustments are very important in making sure your prescription is working accurately.
  • I will come to you if you need any adjustments afterwards free of charge however, for the most part, after pick up ( in this case delivery) I have had very few clients needing to return with discomfort.
  • I have a passion for helping people and making sure they are treated right ! I have confidence in what I do & i will make sure you do not regret my expertise. :) I am also set up for direct billing to insurance companies.
  • To give an idea of pricing A pair of progressive HD lenses frames and coatings $325.
  • High index and transitions would be additional with delivery included :) Talk to you soon!

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Direct Visual Care, Phone : (705) 559-1202

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