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Ray Cobbing Antiques

Phone : (905) 344-7840
Phone : (613) 921-1887
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us

Castleton, ON (Nearby: Colborne, Warkworth, Grafton, Codrington, Roseneath)

1651 Morganstan Rd.
Castleton, Ontario
K0K 1M0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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Description From Owner:
  • General Northumberland history...40 year's experience.
  • Text us at 6139211887

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Ray Cobbing Antiques, Phone : (905) 344-7840

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Storm Sinyard on 21-Jun-23
Today, on my way home from a trip, I decided to stop at Ray's Antique store after deciding to take backroads rather than the highway. I saw the antique shop on the corner, and decided I was in no rush to get home, so I stopped and dragged the girlfriend along with me to check it out. From the very first impression, Ray (the owner) was an absolute delight. He was charming, and had PLENTY of amazing stories and joy to share. We bought some license plates and a fishing lure, but my goodness did he ever have a wide selection of everything. Even better yet, Ray's prices are all quite reasonable on everything! The building itself used to be owned by the Massey's, and once upon a time it was the towns post office (pictures of the old building and mail boxes included). Ray shared some awesome stories about the building, and the towns history, and some stories about himself as well! I really wish I could have sat around and heard some more of them! It was such a great stop, and I'd totally recommend popping in to look around and say hi to Ray! From my girlfriend and I, thanks so much for the great experience Ray! 10/10 come back again!

John Foliot on 14-Jun-22
You don't find old-school antique shops like this too often anymore. Housed in a former general store (check out the post and knob wiring remnants on the ceiling), it has a great selection of larger and smaller pieces. Had a great visit, and we'll be back. Note: we visited in January, and the store is not heated, so be forewarned.

shayna maracle on 08-Jun-21
I drove by too many times before stopping. Could spend hours here, such a great collection of antiques. Very reasonable pricing as well.

Robin Leslie on 04-Jun-20
What a wonderful place. It's filled with all manner of delights from yesteryear. The owner is both incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The prices are more than fair. Well worth the drive

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