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Woodview General Store

Phone : (705) 654-4224
Fax : (705) 654-4625
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Your Host(s) : Ron Warburton

Woodview, ON (Nearby: Juniper Island, Kawartha Park, Burleigh Falls, Youngs Point, Warsaw)

6220 Hwy 28
Woodview, Ontario
K0L 3E0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc.

[ We Accept Gift Certificates ] [ We Accept Visa ] [ We Accept Debit Payment ]

Description From Owner:
  • A historical General Store surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife, while touching the shores of 3 crystal clear lakes.

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Woodview General Store, Phone : (705) 654-4224

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John Sturges on 21-Oct-23
Needed to pick up a bottle of Crown Royal or Canadian Club they have them all in stock and they had the same discount on the 12-year-old Canadian Club $4 off just like the LCBO

Diane Tyler on 05-Nov-22
Really appreciate the kind help from the folks at this store. Amazing, cheddar, curds and honey. Thank you again for your kindness to us who were passing thru Oct 20,2022 (2 ladies and man with cane) on our way to Lake Baptiste.

Brandon Bansingh on 13-Nov-20
This is the heart of karawrtha lakes. And I mean Woodview makes everyone feel right at home. Kawartha ice cream sold here Camping and trail wear available here. Amazing food. Find all supplies you need. The place to be when heading anywhere near the Kawartha lakes.

Roberta Marie Munroe on 21-Oct-19
Store is great, but the seasonal chip truck, Hippie Chips was DELICIOUS! My sister had the portobello mushroom burger, and I had the High Jack w bacon & cheese with a side of poutine. Crazy good!

Pamela Martel on 12-Nov-18
Stopped for an ice cream with my family. Kawartha Dairy with a waffle cone. It was delicious. The ice cream was fresh and cones crispy. The store has essentials as well as a small gift shop. The staff 'Ron' was friendly. The service was a little slow, however, there was a trainee. It was a lovely store. Next time we are in the area we will definitely have an ice cream from here! Very helpful the current owner Ron has just the personality to run a general store its a pleasure to go in.

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