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Dunfords of Havelock (Outdoor Fun since '71)

Toll Free Phone : (866) 778-3700
Phone : (705) 778-3767
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Your Host(s) : Joel Basaraba

Havelock, ON (Nearby: Trent River, Norwood, Hastings, Campbellford, Westwood)

9323 County Rd. 30
Havelock, Ontario
K0L 1Z0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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Dunfords of Havelock (Outdoor Fun since '71), Toll Free Phone : (866) 778-3700

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Thomas Smith on 19-Jul-22
I re did and older pontoon boat. I bought a 60 Yamaha from Dunfords. Yogi and the whole crew there did an amazing job installing the motor and finishing the wiring/steering controls. I can say enough about them right from Joel to Yogi. went amazing !!. Thanks everyone

Gregory Clements Clemco on 21-Apr-22
Forgot to write in earlier, Joel took care of fixing my atv. Did a great job, had problems changing gears, now it runs like new. Gregory Clements

Andy Yeoman on 05-Nov-21
My experience with Dunfords was a very positive one. The sales team was very easy to deal with and very helpful. They even made sure I had my bike on time for a big ride I was hoping to bring it on. They were able to help me get into a new grizzly with ease and gave me a very detailed review on everything I needed to know. Definitely be back again when I’m ready for another!

Robert Eno on 30-Aug-21
Have purchased a few items from this firm over the last 10 years and have never been disappointed with the products, nor the service. Dunfords offers fair prices, excellent gear, and is owned and staffed by knowledgeable and helpful people who actually care about customer service. Whenever I phone them, I feel like I am conversing with good friends or relatives. This is an 'old school' business. That fact that I live over 2000 miles' distant and still preferentially deal with Dunfords of Havelock when I could more conveniently buy closer to home, is a testament to how they conduct their business. Top notch outfit.

sluggo mc on 02-Mar-20
Talkn to staff I now know more about my grizzly than I did a year ago when I bought it from another dealer. We went there to look a waverunners and bought two. For our wants they changed our minds on one model and saved me a few thousand . Their not pushy at all just sharing knowledge and experience is there number one thought

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Off the beaten track:
  • Trent River, 2km
  • Rush Point, 7km
  • Westview, 8km
  • Preneveau, 6km
  • Connellys, 8km
  • Ashby Mill, 8km
  • Blairton Station, 7km
  • Woodland, Havelock area, 7km
  • Sunnybrae, 10km
  • Chase Corners, 9km
  • Kellers, 8km
  • Healey Falls, 8km
  • Round Lake, 12km
  • Freeman Corners, 10km
  • West Corners, 13km
  • Stanwood, 10km
  • Rockdale, Marmora area, 13km
  • Godolphin, 14km
  • Crowe Bridge, 11km
  • Blairton, 11km
  • Centre Dummer, 13km
  • Pethericks Corners, 13km
  • Allan Mills, 13km
  • Cordova Mines, 16km
  • Brickley, 18km
  • South Dummer, 14km
  • Meyersburg, 19km
  • Rylstone, 14km
  • Oak Lake, Havelock area, 21km
  • Percy Boom, 21km
  • Burnbrae, 17km
  • Dartford, 22km
  • Cottesloe, 16km
  • English Line, 19km
  • Westwood, Hastings area, 18km
  • Menie, 18km
  • Warkworth, 23km
  • Vansickle, 23km
  • Birdsalls, 20km
  • Norham, 25km
  • Cameron, 19km
  • Clarina, 21km
  • Stonyridge, 23km
  • Crowes Landing, 22km
  • Green Acres, 22km
  • Kasshabog Lake, 26km
  • Nephton, 25km
  • Hoards, 22km
  • Blezard, 22km
  • Gilchrist Bay, 22km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Seymour Lake, 6km
  • Round Lake, 9km
  • Beloporine Lake, 9km
  • Belmont Lake, 10km
  • Lost Lake, 10km
  • Barry Lake, 12km
  • Mud Lake, 11km
  • Rotten Lake, 12km
  • Stevenson Lake, 15km
  • Killoran Lake, 15km
  • Lost Lake, 17km
  • Lamey Lake, 17km
  • Little Whitney Lake, 18km
  • Hermiston Lake, 18km
  • Crowe Lake, 14km
  • O'Melia Lake, 17km
  • Cordova Lake, 19km
  • South Lake, 19km
  • Rylstone Lake, 14km
  • Black Lake, 20km
  • O'Reilly Lake, 20km
  • Oak Lake, 21km
  • Long Lake, 20km
  • McCleary Lake, 20km
  • Dartford Pond, 21km
  • Horse Lake, 20km
  • Blind Lake, 22km
  • Sams Lake, 24km
  • Twin Sister Lakes, 23km
  • Blue Lake, 25km
  • West Twin Lake, 26km
  • Buttermilk Lake, 24km
  • Sawlog Lake, 24km
  • Kasshabog Lake, 25km
  • Norham Pond, 26km
  • East Twin Lake, 27km
  • White Lake, 21km
  • Quarry Lake, 19km
  • Bog Lake, 27km
  • Big Mountain Lake, 26km
  • Mud Turtle Lake, 27km
  • McGinnis Lake, 25km
  • Thompson Lake, 26km
  • Duck Pond, 23km
  • Big Duck Pond, 23km
  • Bottle Lake, 28km
  • Grassy Lake, 29km
  • Sandy Lake, 30km
  • Maloney's Lake, 21km
  • St. Charles Lake, 29km