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Macland Farms, Paris

Cheryl Clarridge on 26-Sep-21
Beautiful squash and pumpkins. Beautiful farm property and great prices! Love the Halloween characters

Chubby's Restaurant, Campbellford

Kim and Maureen on 25-Sep-21
Last night was our first but not last visit to Chubby's Restaurant in Hoards Station. The owners Mike and Amy met us when we arrived to scan our vaccine certificates as required by government rules and the whole process was painless. A hint for for you if you are going to attend take the time to print a hard copy so it is so much easier for the people who have to check them. The food was excellent and it is endless, started with soup, salads main course last night was black Angus Beef and honey garlic ribs, followed by coconut cream pie, a few coffees throughout the meal. I grew up in my fathers restaurant and this was an excellent venue for us.. It is about a forty minute drive from Belleville so closer for Trenton, Stirling. Campbellford etc. Reservations are required and they are only open on Friday Saturday and Sunday nights for two sittings one at 5 pm and one at 6 30 PM. so take yourself out for a nice evening to an amazing restaurant you will not be disappointed.

Wham Bam Burger, Colborne

Lesley Millner on 09-Sep-21
Stopped in on the way to the cottage and I'm glad I did. Haven't tasted a burger like that since I was a kid, you can definitely tell the meat is of high quality. Very fun and friendly atmosphere.

Essence Day Spa, Brighton

Leah Cook on 04-Sep-21
Wow. Ese gives AMAZING massages!! I will be recommending her to all my friends/family in the area. I’m not from around here but would actually stop into Brighton again just to get another massage from her. So kind and friendly, she treats you like family. Excellent customer service.

Dunnett Orchards 2021 Season, Brighton

Mark H on 03-Sep-21
I can't believe how large this orchard is. I was told 150 acres of which 95 are planted with apple trees. You can drive over fairly rough fields to get to the type of apples you want to pick. You are welcome to pick any and as many apples to taste while you fill your basket. I would have given 5 stars if the rows of trees were identified with the type of apples there. The owner pointed out which apples were growing where, before we started our quest, but very soon we forgot and tasted our way through the through the whole orchard. It was a fun family outing for a couple of hours.

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