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Lock & Anchor Eatery, Lakefield

Nick Sturk on 22-Oct-21
AMAZING! Really really really good food. Jus try it. It’s amazing. Everything they make feels like they actually care. Prices are extremely reasonable too. Go there. Also, there apple fritters are literally the best apple fritters on the planet. SOOOO GOOD.

The Log Cabin Store, North Kawartha

Yuri Munro on 22-Oct-21
I've gotten delicious treats & sweets here! From Brownies, Pecan Tarts, and Banna Bread, to Date Squares & Cookies, better hurry to make sure you get your hands on some of The Log Cabin' s baked goods before they're sold out ! The convienence of having a real Convienece Store & Gas Station out in the bush is so beneficial. It definitely makes it faster & easier to get jobs done around the house, without having to drive nearly an hour into the city for gas. The Log Cabin Currently Offers but is not limited to; Baked Goods, Gas, Tobacco Products, Pop, Snack Foods, Icecream, Groceries, Toiletries, and Non-Perscription Medication.

Wolf & Spice Restaurant, Woodview

The Happy Wanderer on 21-Oct-21
I wish I could give Wolf & Spice 10 stars. WOW. The four of us decided to give this place a try because we used to come here when it was Uncle George’s. I am visiting family from Southern California and it was great to see this place open again. We were not sure what to expect. Let me tell you how sensational our food was. I had the lamb shank and the Cesar salad and both were to die for. There was this particular spice in the lamb shank sauce that was unbelievable and indescribable. The Strawberry Cream pie was Decadent. Keep in mind the food is made to order and it will take a little bit longer than most generic chain restaurants. It’s worth the wait. Trust me on this. One bad review here mentioned “ some microwave”———-that is simply NOT TRUE at all——. I dined with two of the PICKIEST people when it comes to food and they ate their trout ( including the skin) which they normally do not do in other restaurants. I have included photographs of the menu. Look it over. The prices are reasonable considering it’s pretty much five star quality type of food that I would never get anywhere else vs cost comparison. This restaurant opened during the pandemic so try and give them support and a chance. My only recommendation to this restaurant, is that hopefully they may consider in the future to serving wine. It would have been an extra bonus to enjoy a glass of wine with this five star cuisine. However, It wasn’t a deal breaker for us that we didn’t have alcohol, it certainly didn’t detract my rating whatsoever when it came to giving them a stellar review ( because they deserve it ).

Pine Vista Resort, Douro-Dummer

Heidi Fuller on 20-Oct-21
It's good value. it's a 3 star resort but I gave it 5 stars for the value Only 90 minutes drive from GTA, situated on Stoney Lake, which is great for fishing. It is far from any towns, so bring all food and supplies as there are no restaurants or shops/no LCBO or laundry, etc.

Percy and Jean Little's Cottages, Douro-Dummer

Tim Harte-maxwell on 19-Oct-21
Littles has been a family home every summer for 45 years plus. Great rustic cottages neatly tucked away in secluded spots around the property. This is not a resort. Make your own fun and memories at Littles Cottages. Gas is on site at boat launch. Bring your food and bedding and enjoy the quiet surroundings in Gilchrist Bay on Stoney Lake.

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