Hastings (Central Ontario, K0L 1Y0)

Shopping (Artisan)

  1. A Single Stitch Phone: (705) 696-1038
I am here sewing every day. I have lots of projects on the go, and samples for classes are always in the works.
  2. Andrew James Canadian Recording Singer / Songwriter / Musician Phone: (905) 259-0534
3. Canadian Gypsy Phone: (705) 000-0000
We are interactive tribute artists that perform songs by Shania Twain (Shania Twang) Dolly Parton (Just Dolly), and (Carters Got Cash) Johnny Cash,/June Carter.
  4. DePaul Music LTD (Birdsall Beach Resort) Phone: (705) 696-2116
5. Northumberland Music Studio Phone: (705) 924-2142
6. Rivers Edge Collection Phone: (705) 313-1835
A Perfect Blend of the Present with the Past in Home Decor
  7. The Inspired Home by Anna Phone: (705) 933-9834
  8. Trent River Pottery Phone: (705) 768-8730
Owned and operated by Lynn Rogers of Hastings, ‘Trent River Pottery’ features Lynn’s own wheel-thrown pottery. If you are looking for unique gifts or just love pottery, Lynn invites you to visit and have a look.

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Shopping Shopping (Artisan)
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