Iroquois Falls (Northern Ontario, P0K 1G0)
  1. Town of Iroquois Falls (Single Tier Cochrane) Your Host(s): Canada Post Iroquois Falls, Phone: (705) 232-6233 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 5,427. In Calvert T., Cochrane Dist., on the Abitibi R. and Hwy 67, 50 km. SE of Cochrane.
  2. Porquis Fair (Porquis Agricultural Society) (Porquis Junction, 10km) , Phone: (705) 232-6959 - Leave a Public Review
  3. Porquis Junction (Porquis Junction, 10km) Your Host(s): Stanley Stop Restaurant, Phone: (705) 232-5565 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 176. In the Reg. Town of Iroquois Falls on Hwys. 11 & 67, 11 km. E of Iroquois Falls town centre.
  4. Monteith (Monteith, 14km) Your Host(s): Terra Firma Centre, Phone: (705) 232-4400 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 247. Part of the Town of Iroquois Falls, Cochrane Dist., on a tributary of the Black R. and Hwy 577, 1 km NE ofHwy II, 14 km S of Iroquois Falls.
  5. Shillington (Monteith, 14km) Your Host(s): Monteith Post Office, Phone: (705) 232-4215 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 27. In Shillington T., Cochrane Dist. on Hwy. 101 and C. Rd. 577,22 km S of Iroquois Falls. The T. from which the place took its name was named for Robert T. Shillington, MPP for Timiskaming.
  6. Val Gagne (Val Gagne, 17km) Your Host(s): Galaxy Motor Hotel, Phone: (705) 232-4038 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 277. In Taylor T., Nipissing Dist., .5 km. E of Hwy 11, 18 km SE of Iroquois Falls. The post office was established as Nushka Station in 1911.
  7. Tunis (Tunis, 14km) Your Host(s): Oasis Restaurant, Phone: (705) 232-4750 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 77. In Newmarket T., Cochrane Dist., 28 km SE of Cochrane The community was founded by Oblate Fathers who built a mission.
  8. Barbers Bay (Connaught, 25km) Your Host(s): Connaught Post Office, Toll Free Phone: (866) 607-6301 - Leave a Public Review
In the City of Timmins on Hwy. 67, 33 km NE of downtown Timmins.
  9. Connaught (Connaught, 25km) Your Host(s): Connaught Community Club, Phone: (705) 363-2177 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 250. Part of the City of Timmins, Cochrane Dist., on the S shore of Frederick House L. and Hwy 610,36 km. NE of Timmins.
  10. Matheson (Matheson, 30km) Your Host(s): Matheson, Phone: (705) 273-1760 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 984. In Matheson T., Cochrane Dist., on the Black R. and Hwys 11 & 101, 60 km. NW of Kirkland Lake.
  11. Matheson Fair (Matheson & District Agricultural Society) (Matheson, 30km) , Phone: (705) 273-2882 FAX: (705) 273-2518 - Leave a Public Review
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.