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Keene (Central Ontario, K0L 2G0)
1. Bellmere Winds Golf Resort (Golf Course 7052953000) Your Host(s): Great Blue Resorts, Phone: (705) 295-3673 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
From the north shore of Rice Lake to the edge of our furthest sand bunker, you’ll find nothing but relaxation at Bellmere Winds Golf Resort.
2. Highland View Resort Phone: (705) 295-6697 FAX: (705) 295-4705 - Leave a Public Review
Nestled on the banks of McGregor Bay on beautiful Rice Lake, just 90 minutes from Toronto and 15 minutes from Peterborough, Highland View Resort is located in the Kawartha vacation area.
3. Interco Fabrications Phone: (705) 295-4555 Public Reviews (7) - Leave a Public Review
Interco Fabrications specializes in building custom docks, marine railways, ATV & moose carriers and utility trailers.
4. Keene General Store Your Host(s): Joey and Xavi, Phone: (705) 295-4418 Public Reviews (2) - Leave a Public Review
Post Office. LCBO Agency.
5. Lang Pioneer Village Your Host(s): County of Peterborough, Phone: (705) 295-6694 FAX: (705) 295-6644 Public Reviews (5) - Leave a Public Review
Lang Pioneer Village Museum was established by the County of Peterborough in 1967 to celebrate and preserve the history of the area.
6. McGregor Bay Marina Your Host(s): Mike Arpin, Phone: (705) 295-6697 FAX: (705) 295-4705 - Leave a Public Review
Welcome to McGregor Bay Marina on Rice! We are located on the west shore of McGregor Bay Lake almost midway between Bewdly and Hastings and only 15 minutes South East of Peterborough.
7. Muddys Pit BBQ Your Host(s): Neil and Julie Lorenzen, Phone: (705) 295-1255 Public Reviews (7) - Leave a Public Review
Authentic Barbeque Available (Pork, Beef and Chicken)
8. Patricia's Gift Shop Your Host(s): Patricia Morden, Phone: (705) 295-1715 - Leave a Public Review
A charming shop in the Kawartha Lakes District offering unique giftware, vintage treasures, seasonal decor, linens and floral arrangements.
9. Shady Acres Rice Lake Cottage and RV Resort Your Host(s): Jody Coburn-Forestell, Phone: (705) 295-6815 FAX: (705) 295-6817 - Leave a Public Review
Shady Acres Cottage and RV Resort is located on the North Shore of Rice Lake. Nestled on the east side of McGregors Bay.
10. Stillbrook Riding Stables Your Host(s): Fred and Jeannine Stillman and Family, Phone: (705) 295-4538 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
We manage 40 to 50 head of horses at any given time ranging from show horses to trail and school horses, mares and foals.
11. Sunshine Cove Cottage Resort Your Host(s): Carl Hilgerdenaar, Phone: (416) 464-4989 Public Reviews (2) - Leave a Public Review
12. Township Of Otonabee-South Monaghan (Lower Tier Peterborough) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Toll Free Phone: (800) 999-4861 FAX: (705) 295-6405 - Leave a Public Review
13. Whalen's Fine Art and Framing Your Host(s): Shawn Whalen, Phone: (705) 295-4975 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Shawn works in various media, including, acrylic, oil, and watercolour. The subjects he portrays in his art have evolved over his career.
  14. Elmhirst’s Resort , Toll Free Phone: (800) 461-1940 - Leave a Public Review
  15. Harley Farms Your Host(s): The Harley Family: Roger, James, Emily, Julie, Phone: (705) 295-4656 FAX: (705) 295-4656 - Leave a Public Review
  16. Keene Your Host(s): Canada Post Keene, Phone: (705) 295-6010 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 547. In Otonabee T., Peterborough C., on Indian R. near the N shore of Rice L. and C. Rds. 2 & 34, 17 km SE of Peterborough.
  17. Mama Milisa's Kitchen , Phone: (705) 295-1111 - Leave a Public Review
Mama Milisas Kitchen is a NEW family owned restaurant in Keene and we would love if you came in and joined us for a meal. We have everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to pizza and delivery!!
  18. Mathers Corners Your Host(s): Keene General Store, Phone: (705) 295-4418 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 8. In Otonabee T, Peterborough C. on C. Rd. 2, 12 km SE of Peterborough. First shown on an 1862 map.
  19. Villiers Your Host(s): Keene General Store, Phone: (705) 295-4418 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 33. In Otonabee T., Peterborough C. on C. Rd. 2,19 km E of Peterborough. The place is likely named for a Col. Villiers who was among the 1825 Irish immigrant settlers. He served in the 45th Battalion of West Durham.
  20. Endicott Fuels & Propane Limited (Peterborough, 15km) , Phone: (705) 696-3779 - Leave a Public Review
21. The Old Railroad Stop (Hiawatha First Nation) (Hiawatha First Nation, 8km) Your Host(s): Hiawatha First Nation, Phone: (705) 295-7122 FAX: (705) 295-4055 Public Reviews (7) - Leave a Public Review
The Old Railroad Stop is a multifaceted business designed to accommodate all of your needs.
22. Harwood / Rice Lake Rail Crossing (Harwood, 11km) Your Host(s): Harwood Community Hall, Phone: (905) 342-2995 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 439. In Alnwick T., Northumberland C., on the S shore of Rice L. and C. Rds. 15 & 18, 17 km. N of Cobourg.
23. Harwood Family Variety (Harwood, 11km) , Phone: (905) 342-2235 FAX: (905) 342-1033 - Leave a Public Review
Baked Goods...Pies, Buttertarts, Cinnamon Buns, Hotdogs
24. Sandy Shore Cottages (Harwood, 11km) Your Host(s): Natalia and Evgeny Goryachev, Phone: (905) 342-5203 FAX: (905) 342-3279 - Leave a Public Review
25. Tam-Bir Cottages (Harwood, 11km) Your Host(s): Will Chen, Phone: (905) 342-5660 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
26. Haultain Service (Woodview, 10km) Your Host(s): Ian Church, Phone: (705) 654-3734 - Leave a Public Review
27. Honey's Diner (Woodview, 10km) Your Host(s): Ron Levshtein, Phone: (705) 654-4197 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
28. Wolf & Spice Restaurant (Woodview, 10km) , Phone: (705) 654-3661 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Reservations required
  29. Woodview (Woodview, 10km) Your Host(s): Woodview Public Library, Phone: (705) 654-1071 - Leave a Public Review
Pop.291. In Otonabee T., Peterborough C., N of Stony L. on Hwy 28, 43 km. NE of Peterborough. The place was named after the physical nature of its location and the name was approved by the Canadian Board of Geographic Names in 1960.
30. Woodview General Store (Woodview, 10km) Your Host(s): Ron Warburton, Phone: (705) 654-4224 FAX: (705) 654-4625 Public Reviews (5) - Leave a Public Review
A historical General Store surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife, while touching the shores of 3 crystal clear lakes.
  31. Danielle Christie, R.M.T. (Indian River, 12km) , Phone: (705) 927-2436 - Leave a Public Review
  32. Dave's Under the Hood (Indian River, 12km) , Phone: (705) 875-8808 - Leave a Public Review
Automotive repair shop serving the Norwood area, repair to all makes and models gas or diesel, trucks, trailers, dump trucks, tractors, tires, undercoating
33. Direct Visual Care (Indian River, 12km) Your Host(s): Vanessa Brown, Phone: (705) 559-1202 - Leave a Public Review
Hi there local friends I am so happy to announce that I have now been able to start providing a trustworthy and cost effective way of ordering eyeglasses in and around the area.
  34. FitKitty Extensions *Hair*Lashes*Nails (Indian River, 12km) , Phone: (705) 768-6663 - Leave a Public Review
*Lash extensions* *Lash & Brow tint* *Lash lift* *Make up application* *gel nail* *hair extension* *brow lamination *
35. Indian River Family Resort (Indian River, 12km) Your Host(s): Gerry and Jackie Murison, Phone: (705) 957-2777 - Leave a Public Review
Escape to Indian River Family Resort. A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax and become one with nature.
  36. Indian River Reptile Zoo (Indian River, 12km) Your Host(s): Ted Loyst, Phone: (705) 639-1443 - Leave a Public Review
Over 200 reptiles See species from all over the world as well as those native to Canada; Meet the zoo keepers; LIVE educational demonstrations; Nature Walk and Pond; Hiking Trail
  37. Rocky Meadows Lavender Gift Shop (Indian River, 12km) , Phone: (905) 429-0528 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Our mission is to give you the best lavender experience possible. We are dedicated to providing the best quality in all of our products for your satisfaction.
  38. SPS Custom Fabrication (Indian River, 12km) Your Host(s): Scott Christie, Phone: (705) 768-6643 - Leave a Public Review
Manufacturer of utility and light commercial and industrial trailers located in Indian River, Ontario, Canada.
  39. Alderville (Roseneath, 10km) , Phone: (905) 352-3214 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 118. In Alnwick T., Northwnberland C., on the Alderville Indian Reserve 37 and on C. Rds. 18 & 45, 26 km. NE of Cobourg.
40. Brad's Place Dispensary (Roseneath, 10km) Your Host(s): Randy Crowe, Phone: (905) 352-2177 - Leave a Public Review
Premium quality cannabis products