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North Spirit Lake (Northern Ontario, P0V 2G0)
  1. MacDowell Your Host(s): North Spirit Lake First Nation PO, Phone: (807) 776-0073 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 45. In Kenora Dist., Patricia Portion on the SE shore of MacDowell L., 150 air miles NE of Red Lake.
  2. North Spirit Lake Your Host(s): Cameron's Store, Phone: (807) 776-0224 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 203. In Kenora Dist., on the S. shore of North Spirit L., 298 km. N of Dryden.
  3. Sandy Lake (Sandy Lake, 65km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Sandy Lake, Phone: (807) 774-1356 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,323. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of 270 square-mi. (699 sq. km) Sandy L., (a widening of the Severn R.) There is a trading post on the lake. The reserve is the home of the Deer Lake Indian band.
  4. Deer Lake (Deer Lake, 81km) Your Host(s): Deer Lake Community Centre, Phone: (807) 775-2456 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 408. Indian reserve in Kenora Dist., on E end of Deer L., 183 km. N of Red L. The history of the community has not been recorded.
  5. Pikangikum I. R. (Pikangikum, 102km) Your Host(s): Whitefeather Economic Development Corp., Phone: (807) 773-5097 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,091. In Kenora Dist., on the E shore of Pikangikum L., 75 km. N of Red L. The reserve belongs to the Pikangikum Band. The post office was established in 1953. Pikangikum is a First Nations Peoples word for 'dirty water narrows.'
  6. Cat Lake I. R. (Cat Lake, 120km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Cat Lake, Phone: (807) 347-2100 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 227. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Cat L., 250 km N of Ignace. The community was so named because in the 1940s a large bobcat was shot on the shores of the lake.
  7. Sachigo Lake (Sachigo Lake, 162km) Your Host(s): Echoing Lake Outpost Camps, Phone: (807) 595-2578 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 450. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Sachigo L. at the mouth of the Sachigo R., 620 km. NW of Thunder Bay. The post office opened in 1969. The origin of the name is unknown.
  8. Balmertown (Balmertown, 169km) Your Host(s): Canada Post, Phone: (807) 735-2124 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,341. In Balmer T., Kenora Dist., Patricia Portion, on Red L. and Hwy 125, 169 Ian N ofHwy 17 and 212 km. NW of Dryden.
  9. McKenzie Island (Balmertown, 169km) Your Host(s): Balmertown Post Poffice, Phone: (807) 735-2124 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 118. An island in Red L., 15 km N of the community of Red Lake. Named for Donald McKenzie, manager of a North West Company post who was killed in 1804 by a party of Sioux warriors.
  10. Cochenour (Cochenour, 168km) Your Host(s): Cochenour Community Club, Phone: (807) 662-4231 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 527. In Dome T., Kenora Dist., on Red L., 13 km. N of Red Lake, terminus of Hwy 105.
  11. Municipality of Red Lake (Single Tier Kenora) (Red Lake, 174km) Your Host(s): Red Lake Public Library, Phone: (807) 727-2230 - Leave a Public Review
Pop.4,873. In Red Lake T., Kenora Dist., on the S shore of Red L. at the N terminus ofHwy 105, 169 km. N of Vermilion Bay, 94 km. NE of Kenora.