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The concept of rural tourism involves agri, eco, cultural, adventure, community based, historical, wine, rural craft, festival, bird-watching, photography, educational, sports, campsite, etc.This turn-key database is the perfect home based business for anyone that wants to escape the urban rat race. Talk to us.

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West Guilford (Central Ontario, K0M 2S0)
  1. West Guilford Your Host(s): Log Cabin Bakery & Restaurant, Phone: (705) 754-4055 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 238. In Guilford T., Haliburton C. on the NE shore of Maple L., Hwy 118 and C. Rds. 6 & 7,13 km NW of Haliburton, 86 km SE of Huntsville.
  2. Eagle Lake (Eagle Lake, 7km) Your Host(s): Sir Sam's Inn, Phone: (705) 754-2188 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 246. In Guilford T., Haliburton C., on the south shore of Eagle L. at the junction of C. Rds. 6 and 14, 86 km. W of Bancroft, 71 km. E of Bracebridge.
3. Haliburton (Haliburton, 10km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Haliburton, Phone: (705) 457-1451 - Leave a Public Review
op. 1,434. In Dysart T., Haliburton C., at the head of L. Kashagawigamog and mouth of Drag Cr., and at Hwys 118 & 121, 85 km E of Bracebridge.
  4. Kennisis Lake (Haliburton, 10km) Your Host(s): Windermere Cottage Resort, Phone: (705) 754-2091 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 20. In Havelock T, Haliburton C. on the E shore of Kennisis L. and C. Rd. 7, 25 km NW of Haliburton.
5. United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton,Havelock, Eyre and Clyde (Lower Tier Haliburton) (Haliburton, 10km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (705) 457-1740 FAX: (705) 457-1964 - Leave a Public Review
  6. Carnarvon (Carnarvon, 10km) Your Host(s): Foster's General Store, Phone: (705) 489-1781 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 126. In Haliburton C. at the N end of Twelve Mile L and on Hwys. 35 & 118, 16 km. W of Haliburton.
  7. Halls Lake (Carnarvon, 10km) Your Host(s): Carnarvon Castle, Phone: (705) 489-2212 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 60. In Cardiff T, Haliburton C. on Halls L. and C. Rd. 13, 1 km E of Hwy. 35, 36 km NW of Haliburton.
8. County of Haliburton (Upper Tier Haliburton) (Minden, 23km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (705) 286-1333 FAX: (705) 286-4829 - Leave a Public Review
  9. Haliburton County Fair (Minden Agricultural Society) (Minden, 23km) , Toll Free Phone: (888) 381-2552 - Leave a Public Review
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  10. Ingoldsby (Minden, 23km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Minden, Phone: (705) 286-1791 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 140. In Snowdon T., Haliburton C. at the S end of Kashagawigamog L. and C. Rd. 18, 54 km SE of Bracebridge.
  11. Lochlin (Minden, 23km) Your Host(s): Highland Pharmacy, Phone: (705) 286-1563 FAX: (705) 286-2418 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 37. In Snowdon T., Haliburton C. on Burnt R. and C. Rd. 1, 12 km E of Minden.