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Baltimore Valley Garden Centre

Phone : (905) 372-2662
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page : www.baltimorevalley.ca
Your Host(s) : John Moore

Baltimore, ON (Nearby: Cobourg, Harwood, Gores Landing, Grafton, Hiawatha First Nation)

5599 County Road 45
Baltimore, Ontario
K0K 1C0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups

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Driving Directions:
  • 8 Km north of the 401 on Hwy 45

Description From Owner:
  • Garden Centre offering nursery stock, shrubs, perennials, annuals and succulents.
  • Unique gifts for the garden and the home.
  • Services include:landscaping, delivery, planting, consultations, snow removal and more.
  • Like Us On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BaltimoreValleyGardenCentre
  • Our Mission is to make a positive contribution to our environment by inspiring the grower in everyone.

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/baltimorevalley

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Christopher Garrett on 18-Mar-24
It was an amazing experience at Baltimore Valley picking up our Christmas tree again:) We were lucky enough to be some of the first customers this year and the selection was beautiful. The customer service there was unmatched and all of the staff from arrival to departure were fantastic! It must be a family run business and we definitely felt like part of their Family. Third year in a row for us and will recommend to everyone if they want the best tree and best service make sure they come here. Thank you again.

Denise Howse on 21-Jun-23
Hands down the best nursery around. We drive in from Bowmanville to buy our flowers/plants for our house. Their selection can’t be beat & the customer service is incredible as they’re all so friendly & knowledgeable. Picked up a trunk load of plants today & can’t wait to get them into the ground.

Patrick Kelly on 26-Oct-22
We loved the selection there. We especially want to compliment and thank Bonnie for assisting us, she has such knowledge and expertise and took the time to explain what each plant needed that we selected. She even suggested some special bone mix to put down when planting. Well be back there for sure!!

Gary McCourt on 12-Oct-21
Very helpful. Our 2nd visit. Picked up some indoor plants & seeds for herbal hydroponic garden, as well as some pansies for early colour. Got these seasonal planters in early December, that still look good, these photos taken March 18. PS, still looking good.

Irene Newington on 07-Oct-20
Went to this nursery for the first time today. Was very impressed with the selection of plants, the condition and health of the plants. Other items also nicely displayed. Staff were friendly and helpful. Their pricing was reasonable. Will definitely go back. Gardening is a passion of mine and I have many gardens and a variety of plants. I was able to pick up some different items today to add to my garden so I was very pleased.

Sue (www.MonarchGlidePathPlus.ca) on 02-Aug-13
Baltimore Valley Garden Centre carries swamp milkweed, butterfly weed, and lots of nectaring plants >> and they are pesticide free >> great place to buy plants for your butterfly, bee, pollinating gardens! Thanks John!

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