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Phone : (613) 877-3545
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Sydenham, ON (Nearby: Harrowsmith, Hartington, Elginburg, Perth Road, Verona)

  • Bourbon Ribeye
  • Beef Wellington Special
  • Brisket Sheppards Pie Special
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Kids Pancakes
  • Fish N Chips
  • Eggplant Parm
  • Carrot Cake
  • Veg Rolls
  • French Toast

4415 Wheatley St
Sydenham, Ontario
K0H 2T0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

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Driving Directions:
  • 4415 Wheatley St (George St) K0H 2T0 Sydenham, On

Business Hours:
  • wed/thurs/fri /sat 4-7:30pm

Description From Owner:
  • We offer Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Our menus consist of the freshest local ingredients. Made with passion, consistancy & dedication.
  • Facebook :The Point Restaurant
  • Instagram: thepointsydenham
  • Chef /Owner: Carolyn Teal
  • Exec Chef: Jess Daigle
  • Catering & Private Functions available
  • 613 877 3545
  • Ask us about our exclusive monthly dinner club !
  • COVID UPDATE- take out and delivery only

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The Point Restaurant, Phone : (613) 877-3545

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Debbie on 15-Mar-22
We stopped by when the restaurant was not actually open for lunch yet... The owner/chef, Carolyn Teal, was very gracious and offered to prepare a couple of meals for us. Wonderful food, and obviously good service! Hard to beat being served by the chef herself! The only reason I could not give 5 stars is that we did not have access to the full menu. I am sure it would have been great though! We will definitely go back.

Dianne Toth on 18-Jun-21
We purchased the fried chicken special for my son's birthday, fried chicken is his favorite!! We drove 20 minutes to pick up our meal and by the time we got home the chicken was moist and crispy! You could tell the cook is passionate about their work and it showed. Best meal we have purchased in a long time! We will be back and would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you to everyone at the point!

LINK theatre on 03-Jul-20
This place is Exceptional! Super friendly service. Amazing food! And very reasonably priced! It's a hidden gem in Sydenham... you won't be disappointed!

Nichol on 27-Aug-19
Absolutely Devine!

Alvin C on 13-Aug-19
Came up for a cottage weekend with a big group and surprised this restaurant with 12 of us on a Saturday morning. They were accommodating, friendly, and the food was fantastic. Good portion sizes, reasonable prices, and very welcoming staff all. Will definitely be back the next time we're up.

  • bruce

  • cheese cake egg rolls
  • raspberry cheese cake
  • salted caramel brownie cheesecake
  • more cheesecakes

  • club
  • Eggplant Parm

  • Pho

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